Gov. DeSantis Destroys Media Over Super Bowl Mask Drama: ‘You Don’t Care When It’s a Biden Rally …’

Gov. Ron DeSantis “destroying” someone in the media is rapidly becoming my favorite genre of blog post. Any time I have the opportunity to engage the topic, I get the warm fuzzies. Like Tom Brady stumbling around drunk after Wednesday’s victory parade. The media is taking issue with people not wearing masks during the Super Bowl. Before anyone narcs me out to the Facebook thought police, the CDC says wear a mask and I’m not sciency enough to disagree. But some people chose not to on Sunday. Like Brady, Ron DeSantis, and really anyone who was having a good time.

Reporters challenge DeSantis on “people’s” concern over so many not wearing masks. DeSantis described the only people who were ACTUALLY concerned.

The media’s worried about that, obviously. You guys really love that. You don’t care as much if it’s a “peaceful protest.” You don’t care as much if they’re celebrating a Biden election. You only care about it if it’s people that you don’t like.

Any time you hear a reporter claim that “people” or “some” are concerned, what they really mean is partisan randos on Twitter. And randos on Twitter don’t qualify as a people. At least, they shouldn’t. What DeSantis does here is what we need MORE people to do. “People say …” is a straw man. Any time a reporter starts off a question like that, ask them, “What people? Who are these people?” I can’t imagine the American people as a whole really care who was or wasn’t wearing a mask at the Super Bowl. I CAN imagine that people who already hate Ron DeSantis do. He also circled right back to plans for making sure our seniors are vaccinated. That is something PEOPLE are actually concerned about.

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