Animal rights lawyer arrested hires hitman to kill husband’s girlfriend, forgets to clear her browser

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO – A relatively well-known animal rights attorney and media personality based out of Colorado was said to have been arrested for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her husband’s girlfriend.

This alleged murder for hire plot was said to have been put into motion after the suspect and her husband had been separated and were actively going through divorce proceedings.

According to reports, 43-year-old Jennifer Emmi was recently arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to murder her estranged husband’s new girlfriend.

Apparently, Emmi had attracted the attention of law enforcement after she allegedly asked a ranch hand on her Evergreen ranch to help “take care” of her husband’s girlfriend.

Emmi seems to be rather well known within Colorado, having founded The Animal Law Center and frequenting various local media outlets for interviews on topics related to issues pertaining to animals.

On top of that, Emmi also reportedly hosted a show on Facebook where the focus was – once again – on animals.

Yet, the case lodged against Emmi alleges that behind her endeavors on the behalf of animals – she was reportedly trying to find a way to kill her husband’s newfound love.

The suspect was said to have asked her ranch hand, “if he knew anyone who could help get rid of her (the girlfriend). Nobody will miss her,” according to the arrest affidavit.

This ranch hand had reportedly reached out to police at some point, relaying details from shared conversations allegedly held between himself and Emmi. The informant claimed that he and Emmi discussed that the hit might cost around $100,000.

Jennifer Emmi mugshot
Jennifer Emmi – Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

According to what this informant told authorities, “Jennifer responded that the money would not be a problem,” when it comes to funding the purported murder for hire plot.

Investigators were said to have accessed Emmi’s computer during the investigation, noting that they’d found evidence that she’d been searching online for a means on, “how to get rid of the other woman for good.”

Emmi’s attorney, Colin Bresee, wouldn’t afford many comments on the pending case, only noting that the allegations are “serious” and then went on to essentially criticize the suspect’s husband for pursuing a new relationship in the fallout of their marriage:

“This is a very serious allegation against Jennifer Emmi. It looked like the model family and all of a sudden her husband trades her in for a younger girl. She was irate.”

With Emmi facing 16 different charges between this latest case and four other separate cases, Emmi is proclaiming that she was somehow “set up”:

“I’ve always fought for the underdog and now I’m the underdog. That’s what this boils down to. I really do feel like I’m in some kind of nightmare TV show. This whole thing has just been a ridiculous course of events.”

Emmi says that following a brain bleed and later being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and several other health problems, that somehow “steroids” caused her to say things she normally wouldn’t have said:

“I was struggling with the autoimmune and I said and did things that I can’t believe came out of my mouth, because of the steroids.”

“I was set up, and I have been repeatedly set up. All I can say is I want the truth to come out. The whole thing is crazy. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

When characterizing the case in its entirety, Emmi stated that, “things happened, but not anything that’s in the report. I don’t want anyone injured.”

The suspect is currently being housed at the Jefferson County Jail and has had her bond set as being cash-only for $3 million. Court records show that she’s slated for her next court appearance on February 26th.

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Back in December, we at Law Enforcement Today reported on another case that allegedly stems from marriage troubles – and led to one victim allegedly being murdered by their wife. 

Here’s that previous report. 


INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND – A newlywed female professional boxer is being accused of beating her husband to death, less than a year after they were married.

Professional boxer Viviane Obenauf had just married her 61-year-old husband, Thomas F. (no further identification released), in January of this year.  Now, allegedly, Obenauf took the vow “til death do us part” a little too literally as she is accused of beating him to death in the home they shared.

Police are alleging that Thomas, who owned a restaurant called Des Alpes in Interlaken, was allegedly beaten to death with what police believe was some type of blunt object.  Police reviewed the scene and a gym that Obenauf owns but did not say if any evidence was recovered implicating Obenauf.

Swiss police announced last week that they had taken Obenauf into custody for Thomas’ death.  She is believed to have beaten Thomas, who sustained what was described as massive injuries.

Obenauf, who fought in three world title bouts during her short-lived career, held a 14-6 record and two World Boxing Federation international titles.  Obenauf retired from boxing in 2019, although there was no reason given as to why.

While it is unknown how Thomas and Obenauf met, they married on January 25 of this year.  They opened up a gym and operated the restaurant that Thomas owned.

Obenauf has been arrested at least once in the past. In 2016, she was in London celebrating her 30th birthday when a man allegedly tried to grope her.  The fighter reacted by punching the man which led to her arrest.

The former boyfriend of Obenauf, who was not identified by the Swiss publication Blick, said he was not at all surprised that she had been arrested for something so violent.  The man stated that he had first met her while they were at a restaurant.  He said:

“I was a regular customer there and she was a waiter.  We talked a lot, and at some point, we got closer.”

The man said that when he first began to know Obenauf, she was happy and had a cheerful demeanor.  However, the longer their relationship progressed, the clearer it was that she had a nasty side to her.

The man recalled an incident on Good Friday when he wanted to drink a glass of wine.  While this might normally not cause an issue, he was a powerlifter and Obenauf an athlete, which meant they would normally not drink alcohol.  He said:

“It was Good Friday, and for once we wanted to drink some red wine to celebrate the day.  Viviane was very jealous and made a drama.  Then it hammered.  She hit me directly in the face with her fist about three or four times.”

The man said he picked himself up and looked over his injuries allegedly caused by Obenauf.  When he looked in the mirror, he saw that his lip was split open and that he had blood gushing out of his mouth.  He added:

“Then I heard that she was getting dressed in the bedroom.”

Obenauf informed the man that she wanted to leave and go for a drive.  Because of the bottle of wine that the two had shared, he tried to discourage her from doing so.  He said:

“I then told her that, in her condition, she would certainly no longer be able to drive.  We had a bottle of red wine.  She hit me three or four times directly in the face with her fist.  I gave her a slap in the face to bring her down.  Then she slowly calmed down and went to sleep.”

Obenauf is currently in custody in a Swiss jail awaiting further court proceedings.


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