POLL: 64% of Republicans, 15% of Democrats ‘Likely’ to Join Hypothetical New Trump-Led Political Party

A newly released poll reveals that incessant negative media coverage, two impeachments, and a near universal betrayal by elected Republicans has not tamped down on President Donald Trump’s popularity among his base. In fact, nearly two thirds of Republicans would leave the party to join a Trump-endorsed party.

A new survey, conducted during the last days of January 2021, indicate that a full 64 percent of Republicans would likely cast off the Republican Party to join a new political party that was centered on former-President Trumps agenda.

Of that 64 percent, a solid 32 percent said they would very likely join a new party, while 36 percent said they would be unlikely to leave the establishment Republican apparatus.

Surprisingly, 15 percent of registered Democrats and 28 percent of Independents polled said they would likely join a new political party centered on the agenda items embraced by the former-President.

In this must-see Saturday emergency report, Alex Jones lays out shocking revelation after shocking revelation.

One political pollster, after crunching he numbers, suggested that if the former President were to actively launch or give his blessing to the formation of a new political party that the new entity would displace the GOP to become the second largest political party in the nation.

“These numbers show that despite the Capitol riots Trump remains a political force to be reckoned with,” Dritan Nesho, CEO and chief pollster at HarrisX, told reporters. “He benefits from a diverse base of support making up over a third of voters, voters who are attracted to him on a number of issues that are yet to be properly addressed by, and coopted by, Democratic and Republican elites.”

As hyper-partisan Democrats – and swamp creature establishment Republicans – prepare to execute what an overwhelming number of constitutional scholars believe to be an unconstitutional move to impeacha President who has already return to private citizenry, it appears – by virtue of this polling – that they are all but committing political suicide.

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