Jill Biden’s SuperBowl Ad Uses Your Dogs to Guilt You About Wearing Masks

No one get it twisted. I would never in my wildest dreams contradict the CDC guidelines. They clearly state you should socially distance from other humans and wear a mask if you aren’t able to do so. But people are getting a little nutty about masks. Once there’s a competition to see how many masks you can fit on your face at once, don’t blame snarky bloggers for pointing out you look really stupid. At least in our opinion. Not the opinion of the Palo Alto “fact” checkers scanning social media for your own good.

Then there’s Joe Biden, whose answer for everything seems to be “mask.” Though with a degree of masks for thee but not for me. It wouldn’t surprise me if, in his less cognitive moments, he called his vice-president Maskala Harris. I’m sure all of H*nter B*den’s problems could be solved if he wore a mask too. Everything for the Biden Admin is mask this and mask that. Jill Biden has even been deployed to guilt you about masking up in a Super Bowl ad. Worse, she’s using your dogs to do it.

Biden’s Two Dogs, Champ and Major, to Make Appearance at Puppy Bowl


We owe it to [our dogs] to keep ourselves healthy. So please keep wearing a mask, EVEN you’re out walking your dog.

The condescending attitude is what’s really biting. As if you’re going to be manipulated into masking up because someone brought up your dogs to guilt you into doing so. Dogs, who we all know, are better than people to begin with. When you are out walking your dog, emphasis on the OUTSIDE part, it’s to enjoy the fresh air. If you’re doing it right, you’ll be more than six feet away from anyone else. Because again, dogs > people. Enjoying fresh air is made difficult when you are wearing 1-5 masks on your face. The number varies depending on the last Anthony Fauci interview. As for the dogs, as long as they’re getting yum-yums and belly rubs, they could give a hoot about how strictly you’re listening to the White House.

The American people are reasonable people, and the vast majority of us have been reasonably wearing masks. I don’t know who all these people are that the White House claims aren’t. But when it comes to being outside with my dog and away from other humans, it stops being reasonable. No smug commercial during a football game will change that.

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