Roger Stone Responds To Media Smear Campaign Attempting To Tie Him To Capitol Riot

The mainstream media tried to tie Trump confidante Roger Stone to the Capitol riot by pointing to a video showing several Oath Keepers paying him respect the morning of January 6.

From ABC News:

In recent weeks, photos have surfaced online showing several people involved in the assault on the Capitol posing at various events with Stone. At least two of those arrested after the melee posted photos on social media late last year showing themselves with the longtime Trump associate.

Stone, long a provocative strategist in Republican circles, attained an added degree of celebrity after being convicted in connection with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and later being pardoned by President Trump.

Whether men seen standing with Stone on Jan. 6 were participants in the mob assault on the Capitol is unclear.

Stone has responded to this flimsy smear campaign with the following statement provided to Infowars:

“ABC has hit a new low using guilt by association in a naked attempt to tie me to the illegal activities of January 6.”

“I had no advance notice of the attack on the Capitol when it commenced. There is no evidence to the contrary. ABC is despicable, dishonest and fake news.”

Meanwhile, reports are beginning to surface showing the FBI had targeted prominent Trump supporters the day before the Capitol riot, and even individuals who weren’t at the event.

Roger Stone joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the Left’s attempt to erase President Donald Trump’s legacy from the history books.

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