WARNING: GRAPHIC — Man Shoots, Kills Neighbors, Self After Snow Shoveling Dispute

Horrific footage captured the moment a snow shoveling dispute between neighbors in a Pennsylvania suburb turned deadly.

Video from Monday morning shows Plains Township married couple James Goy, 50, and his wife Lisa, 48, exchanging profane remarks with their across-the-street neighbor, Jeffrey Spaide, 47, while they shovel snow off their driveway.

The argument escalates after Goy labels his neighbor a “pussy,” prompting Spaide to grab a handgun and head to the end of his driveway where he shoots at the couple, evidently missing several times before hitting them.

WARNING: GRAPHIC DISTURBING FOOTAGE – Viewer Discretion strongly advised.

After being shot, Goy runs to his home yelling, “Call the cops!” as Spaide proceeds to walk up to the couple and shoot them from point blank range.

After emptying his magazine, Spaide returns to his home and retrieves a rifle, then heads back to the two injured neighbors and continues to shoot them, as several other neighbors arrive on the scene.

The video ends with a loud gunshot heard offscreen, evidently from a third firearm believed to be used by Spaide to end his own life.

The shocking murder-suicide was filmed by a security camera on a nearby house after Winter Storm Orlena dumped 30 inches of snow on the region.

Luzerne County assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce claimed the neighbors had been involved in an ongoing dispute.

“Apparently there’s been an ongoing dispute between neighbors, some of which involved a dispute about snow disposal and removal,” Sanguedolce said, according to the CitizensVoice.com.

 “They’re across the street from each other, and when they would remove snow they would throw it across the street at the other person’s property.”

On Tuesday, District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis ordered the case closed after officially ruling the incident a murder-suicide.

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