Revealed: Texas sends 10k pandemic tests to border as Biden administration releases untested migrants

RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TX- As expected, the issue of migrants in the United States has become a problem on multiple levels under the Biden administration. 

In response to the “swelling numbers” of migrants being released into the communities in recent days, Texas health officials have reportedly sent 10,000 COVID-19 testing kits to the Rio Grande Valley. 

This is in response to the fact that the migrants are allegedly being released by Border Patrol agents without being tested for the Coronavirus.

Breitbart has reported that Texas State Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen) told Border Report that the City of McAllen “sounded the alarm” about migrants being released by Department of Homeland Security officials without being tested for the coronavirus.

In response, Texas health officials quickly sent 10,000 COVID-19 test kits to the city.

Senator Hinojosa told Border Report that due to the fact that the City of McAllen has implemented a “local policy” to test all of the incoming migrants, they are the only city who has requested the tests.

According to Hinojosa, no other cities in the Rio Grande Valley have requested tests because other cities are “not necessarily” applying the testing policy.

It is reported that almost 400 migrants have been released into the care of the Humanitarian Respite Center of the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen. The article states that the migrant families in this facility told Border Report they were released by Border Patrol and were “paroled to temporarily live in the interior of the country.” 

Hinojosa told Border Report:

“[Border Patrol agents] were just dropping them off at the bus station without testing them. Obviously, that’s very alarming to all of us in that they’re coming from Central America and through Mexico and to be released into the United States without being tested for COVID is really unconscionable,” 

Breitbart Texas reached out to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials for clarification and confirmation of the release of the migrants.

An unnamed Custom and Border Protection official told Breitbart Texas:

“As is always the case, persons taken into custody and processed under Title 8 are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for consideration of a custody re-determination pending an immigration hearing,”

They went on to say:

“COVID-19 protocols, changes in Mexican law, and limited U.S. holding capacities have forced us to adapt.”

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What border crisis? Eleven Iranians arrested in Arizona after sneaking across the US-Mexico border

February 5, 2021

ARIZONA– Illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico into the United States has been a continuous problem over the years. Former President Donald Trump intended to combat that problem by building a wall along the border, which angered many Democrats and liberals. 

Since taking office, President Joe Biden has halted the construction of the wall, and has yet to make a decision on if he will let the current wall remain in place. 

Many immigrants have associated Joe Biden’s presidency with an open door policy on immigration. 

On Monday evening, February 1st, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 11 Iranian citizens after they crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, Fox News reported

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, around 6 p.m. Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents encountered the group near San Luis, a city in the southwest corner of Arizona, near County 21st Street and the Salinity Canal.

Agents determined the group, which consisted of five females and six males, had entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico. Agents arrested the group and took them into custody. 

The Customs and Border Protection has said that Yuma Sector agents regularly encounter people from all over the world crossing the border illegally, including people from “Special Interest Countries.”

In the last few years, Border Patrol agents at the Yuma Sector have apprehended more illegal crossers from Iran than all other Border Patrol sectors combined. Since October, Yuma Sector agents have apprehended 14 Iranian nationals. Fox News reported.

It is reported that the way Joe Biden’s administration is viewed by immigrants, along with disastrous hurricanes that hit Central America, immigration scholars say they expect a wave of people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to try to cross the U.S.-Mexico border this year. 

Andrew Selee, president of the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute, wrote in November in Americas Quarterly magazine:

“Heading north will continue to be seen as an option,”

He went on to say:

“President-elect Joe Biden has promised to do things differently, treating migrants and asylum-seekers with dignity.”

Selee warned that sudden policy changes could encourage would-be border-crossers to flood north.

Report: Biden orders on immigration have put DHS, ICE into state of confusion over border enforcement

January 31, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC- Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven had nothing on Joe Biden.

Cloward and Piven developed something called the Cloward-Piven strategy, which seeks to destroy capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy. Basically throw as much mud as possible at the wall and see what sticks. This is government under Joe Biden.

By issuing dozens of executive orders in around a week, it is hard to keep up with the damage Biden is doing to the country. Among Biden’s directives is one that will have a significant impact on our border security. Let us explain.

According to Breitbart News, Biden signed two executive orders, released through a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo which has left Immigration and Customs Enforcement confused as to their enforcement duties.

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan told Breitbart that, “It’s a mess,” speaking of Biden’s orders and directed toward the agency’s staff.

Biden’s order bans the agency from deporting nearly all illegal aliens for 100 days, an order which has at least been temporarily blocked by a federal judge. The executive order would ban deportation of all illegal aliens with the exception of those convicted of “aggravated felonies.”

The directive would also ban ICE agents from arresting illegal aliens who are not convicted felons, known or suspected terrorists, or newly-arrived border jumpers, Breitbart said.

Sources told Breitbart that the memo has led to mass confusion at the DHS, with no direction offered as to how ICE agents can arrest and detain illegal aliens who have not yet been convicted of aggravated felonies, with no end goal for their removal. ICE facilities are not set up for long-term detention.

“If an MS-13 gang member gets arrested for child rape, ICE can’t take him because he hasn’t been convicted,” Homan said.

“Even if he has a final order for removal, if he posts bond, ICE cannot touch him.”

This is merely another example of Democrats, in this case embodied in the person of Joe Biden throwing down with criminals while screwing over law enforcement.

The memo, Homan noted, was poorly written, and received no input from the immigration division at DHS for input, Homan said. Biden’s choice as deputy of the Domestic Policy Council for Immigration, Esther Olavarria is believed to have helped draft the memo, although she was not a signatory to the document.

“Nobody with immigration enforcement experience was at the table when they were writing this memo,’ Homan said.

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies noted that DHS would typically conduct a conference call with a number of the agency’s officials prior to issuance of such a directive and noted that none of the typical protocol was followed in this case.

“I’ve talked to ICE officers in the field who said they are completely confused and concerned and as a result the managers told them to do nothing because nobody knows what they can do,” Vaughan told Breitbart.

“The language is not specific…there was no trainings or briefings.”

“’Confusion’ is the word I’ve heard most often from my ICE sources,” Vaughan continued.

An internal email which noted to “release them all” created a great deal of confusion at the agency, causing many at ICE to be “taken aback,” Breitbart said. The federal government later attempted to clarify that message, claiming it was only in reference to detainees at high risk of contracting the Chinese coronavirus.

Breitbart said they reached out to ICE, where an official seemed unclear about what the internal email had suggested.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement continues to make custody determinations on a case by case basis, in accordance with U.S. law and Department of Homeland Security policy,” the unnamed official said.

“During the course of routine operations, individuals can be released from custody based on the particular facts and circumstances of their cases,” the official continued.

“Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, ICE continues to release detainees when possible or when directed by court order to maintain a detention capacity at or below 75% recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

In addition to the memo, Biden directed DHS to stop the “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented under President Trump, where illegals entering the U.S. were returned to Mexico while the U.S. processed their asylum claims. Trump’s directive effectively ended the policy of illegal border crossers being released into the interior of the U.S.

Meanwhile, thousands of migrants have been approaching the United States border with Mexico, emboldened by Biden’s promise to basically open up the country’s borders to anyone wishing to enter without penalty.

Immigration officials are currently trying to figure out how they will handle the anticipated influx of illegals into the country either seeking asylum or just deciding they want to come here and take advantage of the Democrats’ “Welcome to America” policy.

Since October, the number of apprehensions at the southern border has exploded, with nearly 208,000 illegal border crossers being apprehended in the first quarter of FY 2021—the highest level of illegal immigration over this time period in 20 years.

So what you have is millions of American citizens who are out of work due to the policies of Democrat governors and Biden welcoming illegals into the country who will be completing for a smaller number of jobs.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

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