Greene Reveals A Tyrannical Double Standard

Marjorie Taylor Greene represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

But before she had even taken her freshman oath, she faced cancellation from a left mad with power and political paranoia using her as an example to cancel the entire GOP in order to further the authoritarian socialist government the left is obsessed with becoming.

Now, Greene has had her House Education and Labor Committee position stripped after an epic display of hypocrisy and the power to rush and crush the process of the legislature.

If members found Greene’s rhetoric offensive going forward they could vote on it then.

Where are the votes to hold AOC accountable for her lies or Rashida Tlaib and Ilan Omar for their antisemitism and seething disdain for America? Or Maxine Waters for her calls for violence?

Eleven Stockholm Syndrome suffering Republicans voted to fuel the radical left’s version of Greene’s statements as they could best spin them.

Whether you agree with Greene’s punishment and witch trial is moot.

A double standard is being fortified, hurtling the Democrats and their country club GOP cohorts towards their tyrannical end game.

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Author: Jon Bowne

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