Cuomo Pathetically Defends AOC, Says She Had a ‘War Experience’

CNN is going all-out to defend New York socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her bizarre claims that she “almost died” during the Jan. 6 mayhem at the U.S. Capitol.

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During a segment on his show “CNN PrimeTime,” anchor Chris Cuomo defended AOC’s claims — which have come under serious fire following reports that she may not have even been at the Capitol during the chaos.

Cuomo also claimed that Ocasio-Cortez experienced something akin to an IED explosion in Iraq.

“Turns out the GOP is pro-diversity after all,” he sneered at the top of his show, pushing the lie that Republicans were racist. “They voted overwhelmingly today to become the GOP-Q, adding a wing dedicated to the advancement of Qanon kooks who chose to believe that my Jewish family is shooting lasers at us from space; and that even more are drinking the blood of babies.”

“But let’s be honest. You’ve not seen many Republicans talking much about the sixth, have you? Think for a moment. You see any teary addresses, people standing up and swearing their lifeblood to go against those who tried to destroy the rest– no, no. Certainly not like they did when there was violence and protests about race. I wonder why? I wonder if the Qanon lady would get such support if she was a black person,” he said.

During the handoff with CNN Tonight host Don Lemon, Cuomo then bizarrely attempted to equate Ocasio-Cortez’s experience in the Cannon House Office Building to his time in Iraq.

“The story that I’m telling you about is when I got blown up in Iraq with my cameraman on this MP mission that we were with, with the military police in Gazaliyah, south of Baghdad,” he declared. “Here’s my point. You go after AOC for her fear, saying it was illegitimate, she was in the adjacent building, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”


He then recounted how he was embedded with military MPs when an IED went off:

CUOMO: Why am I using my experience? Because when we were on that patrol and they stopped us by these bodies and this captain was explaining to me they’re often weaponized, and people started firing at us. A lot of fire. They detonated the bodies, it blew over the Humvee in front of us, people were screaming, all this gunfire was all over the place. Don, I swear, I thought I was —

LEMON: You were going to die?

CUOMO: — a dead man. I was haunted for weeks after that. I heard the screaming, I heard shouts of pain, gunfire. I couldn’t move because of the position we were in after the explosion. And I thought somebody was going to stick their weapon in the turret, circular fire, and it was over. My cameraman Bartley Price and I were looking at each other and we thought it was over. Okay?

“We were wrong. The voices I heard were our troops communicating, killing the insurgents, calling in tank fire, and controlling the whole situation. But they couldn’t talk to me because they were busy,” he added.

Of course, Lemon agreed: “It’s the same with this.”

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