Trapped residents shouting for food; Biden UN pick’s China comments draw anger

A heated debate erupts over Biden’s choice of UN ambassador. The disagreement stems from a speech the nominee gave at a Chinese Communist Party-backed Confucius Institute.

America’s power grid could be at risk. After Biden suspended an order that aimed to protect it.

The Biden administration denounces using terms like "China virus" and "Wuhan virus" to describe the pandemic. Both have been used by former president Trump and his Secretary of State.

And Canadian tech company BlackBerry has sold 90 patents related to key smartphone technology to Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Biden UN pick’s China comments draw ire
02:22 China expert on CCP tactics in the UN
04:19 Biden suspends Trump’s energy order
06:59 Chinese locals demand food amid lockdown
09:46 Mass virus testing brings big business into China
11:17 Pompeo calls on Biden to hold CCP liable
13:01 Why do we call Covid-19 the ‘CCP virus’?
14:28 Blackberry sells 90 patents to Huawei
15:32 Employees forced to deposit 15k each to local bank
17:02 Internal docs expose CCP broadcast guidelines
18:18 Hundreds of Chinese drones crash while performing
18:56 Q & A: death of InkTea
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Trapped residents shouting for food; Biden UN pick’s China comments draw anger
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