Mass virus testing in 2 Beijing districts; Biden administration to review China trade deal

Out of two million new virus tests taken in Beijing, only 2 of them come back positive. That’s amid more reports of people suddenly collapsing in public — this time in Shanghai.

Hundreds of thousands in China are stuck inside their homes. Many are now running out of food, as they’re not even allowed out to buy groceries.

A Trump-era policy called the "Clean Network" has been removed from the State Department’s website. The initiative aims to block Beijing from getting its hands on critical U-S data and network access.

Two more China policy-related sections were also removed.

And, President Biden agrees with his predecessor, that the Chinese Communist Party has committed “genocide” against the Uyghur Muslim minority.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Mass virus testing in 2 Beijing districts
02:08 More people collapse in Shanghai subways
03:28 Hundreds of thousands China face food shortages
05:57 Pet owner walks dog from 4th floor apartment
07:03 New swine fever strains strike Chinese pig farms
08:40 State department archives page of Trump policy
09:39 State dept removes ‘China Challenge’ from website
10:49 Biden admin to review China trade deal
12:39 US ban could affect $60B China firms bonds
13:36 Beijing’s oppression of Uyghurs is genocide: Biden
14:11 20 years after staged ‘Self-Immolation’
17:54 China-Taiwan tensions rise in Biden’s first days
19:39 India, China ‘face-off’ at disputed border
20:32 India bans TikTok, 58 more Chinese-made apps
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Mass virus testing in 2 Beijing districts; Biden administration to review China trade deal
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