VIDEO: Biden Press Sec Says Federal Cops Will Work With Leftist NGOs To Perform ‘Threat Assessments’ On ‘Domestic Extremists’

Biden regime Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed in a Friday press conference that the National Security Council, FBI, DHS, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence will be performing a “threat assessment” analysis on “domestic violence extremism” related to Jan. 6’s pro-Trump protests at the Capitol. Furthermore, Psaki stated that the actions taken as a result of the “threat assessment” will be partially based on analyses sourced from “non-governmental organizations.”

Psaki referenced the “tragic deaths and destruction” that occurred at the Capitol, while omitting the fact that pro-Trump protesters were the only people killed during the day’s events.

“The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat,” Psaki stated in reference to the Stop The Steal protest.

The Biden regime spokeswoman then summarized the President’s three-pronged approach to identifying and hunting those deemed to be purveyors of “DVE.”

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“The first [area] is a tasking from President Biden sent to the ODNI today requesting a comprehensive threat assessment, coordinated with the FBI, and DHS on domestic violent extremism,” Psaki said. “This assessment will draw on the analysis from across the government, and as appropriate, non-governmental organizations.”

The Biden administration is trying to label those at the capitol on January 6th as domestic terrorists.

It is unclear what NGOs will be providing “analysis” on conservative “violent extremism,” but given the absence of any significant nonpartisan organizations performing such analysis currently, Biden critics have raised concerns that the administration will partner with left-wing organizations to persecute political opponents.

Psaki went on to declare that the second area of the Biden approach will be the “building of an NSC capability to counter domestic violent extremists.”

The third part of the Biden plan will focus on “addressing evolving threats, radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, operational responses, and more.”

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