St. Louis boy, 11, honored with ‘hero award’ after saving toddler brother from drowning

SAINT LOUIS, MO– Thanks to the quick thinking, and heroic efforts of a brave young boy, his little brother is alive today, and now he is being recognized by his local fire department. 

According to the St. Louis Fire Department, on August 8th, 11-year-old Jayden Groves was at Hyde Park in St. Louis when his 22-month-old wandered away from his family. 

Jayden discovered this baby brother laying face down in a pond, but thanks to his quick thinking, he was able to pull him from the water quickly. 

Jayden told NBC affiliate KSDK:

“I pulled him out of the water. I put him in the grass and that’s when my family, they did CPR and I ran to the fire department and got help,” 

On Twitter, the St. Louis Fire Department said Jayden ran to the nearby firehouse and alerted the firemen. The members jumped into action and were able to quickly find the unresponsive child and administer live saving interventions. He was rushed to the hospital, but was released after a short stay and made a full recovery.

On Thursday, January 23rd, Jayden was honored with the St. Louis Fire Department’s Heroism Award, which he received from Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson and St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, People reported.

The department went on to post:

“We salute Jayden Groves. He. Is. A. Hero!” 

According to People, Jayden’s mom Jocelyn Groves and his younger brother were present for the outdoor ceremony, and Jocelyn told CBS affiliate KMOV she was “very proud” of Jayden.

She wrote on Facebook:

“My oldest son was honored today for being a hero,”

She continued:

“Continue being great. If it wasn’t for you my baby wouldn’t be here today. You’re a great kid, very intelligent. Continue to stay on the right path. I’m honored to have you as a son. God is going to take you places.”

Jayden told KSDK that he is contemplating a career as a firefighter in the future.

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MEMPHIS, TN– A very heroic boy is being credited with saving his brother from their burning home, just days before Christmas. 

11-year-old Antonio Brown jumped from a second-floor window in order to save his family from their burning apartment, and now his community is pitching in to try to help the family have a joyful Christmas. 

Antonio Brown woke up to a house full of flames, and jumped into action. 

Brown said: 

“I woke up smelling smoke,” 

He immediately thought of his ten-year-old brother’s safety, and got him out of harms way as quickly as possible.

Brown said: 

“I just woke him up and I unlocked the door and I told him to get out the house,” 

WREG reported, that once his brother was safely outside, Brown said he went back into the burning apartment to search for his father. However, when it came time for Antonio to get himself out of the burning home, he said the door was too hot to touch, but he was not giving up. 

He said: 

“I went back and started punching and kicking the window and then I jumped out of the window,” 

Brown was left with cuts from the broken shards of glass, and had to get stitches. He also suffered burns to both of his ears.

Despite everything Brown had just endured, and the fact that he was cut and burned, he was still thinking of the one he couldn’t save, his dog. 

He said:

“When I had got out the fire, I started thinking about my dog and how could I get him out, but I can’t get him ‘cause it was too hot in there,” 

Brown’s heroic instincts surprised even his mother. 

Tamika Brown-Ayers said: 

“I just didn’t think that an 11-year-old would think like that. I just – it’s like he just took action,”

WREG reported that after the initial relief, reality soon set in. The fire had left the Browns with practically nothing, including all of the presents they had ready for Christmas.   

Brown said:

“I was crying when I was in the hospital ‘cause I was thinking about all the stuff we had in there and we lost it,” 

It didn’t take long for the support to come pouring in from members of the community. A family friend, Brittany Townsend, said the Power Center Academy where she and one of the Browns graduated from, stepped up and paid for the family to stay in a hotel. 

Townsend started a Gofundme account to raise money for the Browns. 

Townsend said:

“That’s my best friend. She’s like my sister. I’d give the clothes off my back if I had to so I did everything in my power,”  

Reco Spencer said his employer is planning to donate enough money to help the Browns celebrate Christmas the way they were planning, Fox8 reported

Spencer said:

“I should have all of those plans together tomorrow so that they have time to go shopping and get a few things and replace some of the things that they’ve lost,” 

The outpouring of support brought tears of joy to Brown-Ayers’ eyes. 

She said:

“It makes me feel so good that I got babies that people really care about. I got a husband and myself that people really care about. It just makes me feel good,” 

Presents and household things can be replaced, but Brown’s heroic actions helped save the lives of his family members, and that speaks volumes to the type of 11-year-old he is. 

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