Media Ends Love Affair with Anthony Fauci in Only Three Tweets

There is an operation going on in this country at warp speed. No, not the vaccine, which we all know was one of the previous president’s many stunning accomplishments. No, I’m talking about the speed at which members of the media are grabbing the money the Biden administration leaves for them on the nightstand. That’s a metaphor; I don’t mean literally. I shouldn’t have to explain that. But, you know. Facebook.

In under 24 hours, the media suddenly discovered Antifa violence in Portland. Lashing out at an elderly president, I suppose, is more newsworthy than lashing out at two elderly ladies. Joining Antifa under the bus is … Anthony Fauci? The deified Pope Tony the First?

Our story begins with a story that broke from CNN on Thursday.

This is of course a bunch of malarkey. There is a vaccine plan in place. You may not like it or think it’s enough. But under Trump, we were vaccinating 912,497 people a day. Biden’s “lofty” goal is a million people today. I’m not a math person, but that means an increase off (scribbles on the back of an envelope) less than 1%. So no, the Biden administration is not starting from scratch.

But I’m just a partisan blogger. Let’s see what Pope Tony had to say during his first briefing with the Biden administration.

We go now to CNN for response:

“A holdover from the Trump administration.”

All it took was a single day and a single sentence before the wheels on the bus rolled over Pope Tony. Again, that’s a metaphor. I have no way of knowing if MJ Lee has a CDL license. But it’s still impressive. Contradict President Trump and you’re speaking truth to power. Contradict President Biden and you go from everyone’s favorite science expert to nothing more than a “holdover” from Trump.

If this is already happening on Day 2, I can’t wait until Fauci saying it’s safe to open schools runs up against Biden’s benefactors in the teacher’ unions.

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