Kid Rock Sends Clear Message to Liberals Where to Stick Their ‘Deprogramming’

Four years of tax cuts, jobs, and no new wars have led many a liberal to claim the right needs “deprogramming.” Probably the events of January 6 as well. You know, for all the lies we’re fed by Fox News. As opposed to the truthiness they claim to be fed by CNN and MSNBC. I’m not sure if deprogramming is currently in Joe Biden’s plans. He’s still executive ordering away all the Trump things. But his supporters vocally support this. Big Tech appears to be on board too. What deprogramming is and looks like isn’t clear. Gulags? Sensitivity training? Strapping eyelids open and forcing people to watch Vox videos? Leftists are limited by only their imagination and the Constitution, the latter of which is open for debate. However, when they come for Kid Rock, they better bring reinforcements.

I know “celebrity has an opinion I agree with” is a little baity of clicks. But it cracked me up that he used a meme of himself to send his warning. Also, I’m a sucker for a good DEEZ NUTZ joke.

Let this be your warning, socialists. Also some friendly advice. If Kid Rock is on his way, Ted Nugent is most likely right behind him. If I say what he owns more of than guitars, this might get flagged by Facebook. Let’s just say the first is not Uncle Ted’s most favorite amendment. Actually, that entire statement needs fact-checking. Uncle Ted isn’t on the way. He’s most likely at home waiting for you.

Ted Nugent Raw, Unfiltered and HILARIOUS! | Louder with Crowder

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