Barstool Sports Celebrates the Five Worst ‘Woke A**Hole’ Tweets from Inauguration Day

The Trump years helped usher in a niche genre of tweets: the “Woke Seven-Year-Old” tweets. Some leftist douche claims their kid had the most profound progressive insight imaginable, and you know for a fact the parent is lying. Or “allegedly” lying. Side note: There needs to be a “Facebook ‘Fact’ Checker” drinking game, where every excessive use of the word “allegedly,” you take a shot.

The genre has expanded past children. It can be any tweet where random strangers spontaneously validate a woke buttmunch’s worldview. Barstool Sports‘ Kevin Clancy dubs this the “Ruthkanda Forever Awards.” Here are his five favorites from Inauguration Day.

Ruthkanda Forever: Inauguration Day edition | One Minute Man

My main reason for sharing this video is to make a point. It’s similar to what you see from cats like Ryan Long. Mocking the left has gone mainstream. Mocking the right has always been mainstream. That’s because the people making all the creative decisions have been from the left. The internet has opened entertainment to anyone with a webcam and a Yeti. People with no political ideology and/or with a healthy hatred of politics are taking a more unbiased look at who pisses them off, then proceeding to lampoon them in all the ways they deserve. Increasingly, it means taking the piss out of the left. Not that the right isn’t still the butt of jokes. But the right doesn’t try to get you deplatformed for making fun of them. At worst, they’ll troll “Libstool” in comment sections.

What this means for conservatives is that there is a clear audience available who dislike the same things about leftists as we do. Laughing at the same things is a good way to connect with people. It’s one of the reasons why Andrew Breitbart said politics is downstream from culture. Use that to grow your audience. Sharing a similar dislike of woke assclowns doesn’t mean sharing an interest in gun rights or effective tax policies. But it at least opens a line of communication.

YouTube House (Animal House Parody) | Louder With Crowder

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