Song Parody Mocks Gavin Newsom’s Alleged Lockdown Hypocrisy

It’s been fun watching the story arc of some politicians during the pandemic. California Governor Gavin Newsom started the lockdowns with girls wanting to wear his name on their underpants. He starts 2021 fighting a recall effort because of the number of Californians who think he sucks at life. In between, I’m sure many Facebook “fact” checkers feel he was doing his best under CDC guidelines. There are many opinions one can settle on. It’s kinda like those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. If you think the lockdowns were warranted, no questions asked, turn to page 42.

The turning point for Newsom appears to be him attending a dinner at a hoity-toity restaurant. You see, as per Newsom’s instructions, indoor dining was a no-no. Yet there the governor was, dining indoors. Judging by many of the photos, he wasn’t very socially distanced either. Our friend Remy dropped a few bars about it with a parody of the Shaggy classic “It Wasn’t Me.”

Remy: It Wasn’t Me (Shaggy Parody)

Here’s a link to the original song. Lyrically, it may be NSFW for some of you. Or at least NSF young children around.

Gavin Newsom hasn’t been the only lockdown hypocrite. Or alleged hypocrite. There are two sides to every story. I’m sure elected officials who are caught not abiding by their own lockdown restrictions have a good reason for doing so. One based in science and confirmed by experts. I’m also sure someone will argue that Newsom isn’t a douchebag because he isn’t literally a feminine hygiene product. It’s just that out of all the alleged hypocrites, being governor of California makes him the most notable.

Covid Theme Song (Sick in New York) (Arthur’s Theme Parody) | Louder With Crowder

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