How The Left Breached The U.S. Capitol

John Earl Sullivan appears to be a key figure in the left’s buffalo jump of unsuspecting patriots to flood the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

Sullivan’s brother James, turned John in to the FBI after he had previously been released.

James explained to the FBI that he believed his brother was not only involved in the riots at the US Capitol but was somehow in charge of the breach into the U.S. Capitol.

James Sullivan said, “He was going in there to document but he was also part of the Antifa groups.”

Further video evidence implicates John Sullivan, with the intent to burn down the U.S. Capitol, an act that was last accomplished during the War Of 1812 by the British Military.

If that isn’t domestic terror then what is?

Of course a pitched battle ensued, as the media would dub it.

But where were the Capitol police to counter the potential visit by hundreds of thousands of patriots they had plenty of intel on hosting on that fateful day?

These are questions you won’t hear from the mockingbird media.

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Author: Jon Bowne

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