FBI Nabs ‘Hardcore Leftist’ Planning Violent Attack of Pro-Trump Supporters

Emotions among Americans are still running high since the capitol riot. People need to “lower the temperature” a bit, because if history is any indication, political violence only leads to more political violence. Thankfully, the FBI was able to prevent that old adage from coming true in Florida. Pro-Trump supporters were planning to peacefully assemble outside the Florida Capitol. One Florida man is believed to have been inspired by the events of January 6. He allegedly was planning a violent response to the pro-Trump supporters.

Authorities arrested Daniel Alan Baker after they said he issued a “call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront” protesters at the Capitol.

According to federal law enforcement, he called for others to join him in encircling the protesters and confining them at the capitol using firearms.

Following the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, agents said he expressed an intent to violently disrupt protests between now and Inauguration Day and actively recruited others to join him.

Baker has referred to himself as a ‘hardcore leftist’ who in October traveled to Seattle to take part in the ‘revolution.’

Some argue the left-wing violence prior to January 6 could have played at least some part in the lead-up to January 6, an opinion that Facebook has started “fact” checking on posts sharing that opinion. For sake of argument, let’s say it’s true. And that the people who rioted in Washington, D.C., were somewhat encouraged by the violence seen over the summer. Now we have someone who was allegedly inspired by the people who rioted in D.C. to commit violence against his political opponents.

This is the cycle of political violence leading to more political violence. A cycle I hope we all can admit we need to break.

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