Refuse To Be Played By The Setup

Round two for the ultimate demonization of Patriots begins roughly on January 16th, as the FBI sets the stage tying the aims of real right-wing extremism to that of your average law-abiding America-loving Trump supporter.

While Dictator Pelosi, who criticized the protection of the Lincoln by soldiers during BLM rioting disguised as peaceful protest. Stands like a fascist dictator in front of the troops she called on to protect her Country Club and its members.

Until recently, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf announced that “the evolving security landscape” had led to a decision to begin security for the inauguration on Jan. 13. The efforts were originally scheduled to begin on Jan. 19.

What transpires as we move forward toward Biden’s tyrannical inauguration will be a circus of radicalism and possible false flag operations in all 50 Capitols of the United States.

This would be an opportunity for all real Trump Supporters to stay home or risk handing the full weight of Federal subjugation over to a Democratic Party desperate for a reason to re-educate and imprison God Fearing Americans.

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Author: Jon Bowne

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