NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Shocking Announcement | 2nd Amendment News

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre Shocking Announcement | 2nd Amendment News

Breaking 2nd Amendment News – On Friday, January 15th, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre made a shocking announcement that the NRA would be seeking bankruptcy protection. He also announced that the NRA would be seeking permission from the courts to move its headquarters to the State of Texas.

Of course, the anti-gun community is calling this a massive defeat over the NRA. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The NRA is positioned to bounce back from this restructuring stronger than ever to stop unconstitutional gun laws, but only if the CEO Wayne LaPierre is removed from his position.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Why is the NRA filing for bankruptcy?
0:30 #1 Gun owners don’t believe the NRA is doing enough
1:00 #2 Legal issues from the State of NY
1:29 What bankruptcy does not mean
1:56 Wayne LaPierre’s letter to members
2:18 The anti-gunners will call this a victory
2:36 Everything rises and falls on leadership

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