Dan Crenshaw Unloads on Don Lemon’s Claim That All Trump Voters Side with the Klan

Many people act confused why so many Republicans don’t support impeaching President Trump. After the events of January 6, surely impeaching him would be a no-brainer. Ben Shapiro tried to explain why in Politico, and you might say liberal reporters all proved the point he was making. Another example is Don Lemon. Here’s what he thinks, in his words, about Trump voters. Not Trump SUPPORTERS or people who were in D.C. last Wednesday. But anyone who voted for Donald Trump.

That is what, listening to Don Lemon’s words, he thinks about anyone who voted for Trump. Cuomo even laid out the argument to make sure he clarified. Lemon meant ALL Trump supporters. 74,223,744 Americans. Many of whom, I’m sure, made a vote of the lesser of two evils. It wasn’t enough for Joe Biden to just not be Donald Trump. Many Americans fundamentally disagree with Biden and the Democrat Party’s policies. Or the way the Biden campaign appeared quick to celebrate Big Tech censorship. None of that matters to Don Lemon.

Some feel this has always been the left’s agenda. Of course, that isn’t something that can be backed up with a peer-reviewed study. It’s an opinion many on the left may consider hyperbole. Or worse! With that in mind, I would like to report Congressman Dan Crenshaw tweeted thirty-three words. Furthermore, he chose to organize those words in the following order.

Bask in the warm glow of unity! Though one thing I’ve noticed. Anyone who makes a similar point to Don Lemon’s never has an answer for this: What were those 74 million voters supposed to do? Lots of people disagreed with Joe Biden’s policies and didn’t want to be stuck with those policies for four years. It’s almost as if this is less about Trump and more about shaming any opposition to the left. Perhaps.

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