Ben Shapiro Wrote Today’s Politico Playbook, Liberal Reporters Can Barely Contain Their Outrage

Ben Shapiro wrote today’s Politico Playbook. It’s considered by many to be the #1 newsletter for political professionals. Politico is trying to get different voices to write it occasionally. Yes, even including conservative voices.

Hearing from people other than the left could prove to be valuable. It’s said this country needs “healing,” especially in light of what happened last week. Having someone like Shapiro share a viewpoint Politico may not normally be exposed to is a start. Ben wrote about yesterday’s impeachment. He answers the question of why Republicans wouldn’t vote to impeach President Trump.

Opposition to impeachment comes from a deep and abiding conservative belief that members of the opposing political tribe want their destruction, not simply to punish Trump for his behavior. Republicans believe that Democrats and the overwhelmingly liberal media see impeachment as an attempt to cudgel them collectively by lumping them in with the Capitol rioters thanks to their support for Trump.

Unity looks a lot like “sign onto our agenda, or be lumped in with the Capitol rioters.”

Shapiro included examples of elected officials doing just that, like Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. AOC. Sadly, I don’t think many in the media read that far. Judging by Twitter, they read the name “Ben Shapiro” and went right to outrage. You might say this action proves Shapiro’s point. You might.

Ben Shapiro was not someone who was firing people up over the election being stolen. He is in fact someone who believes the election was not stolen. The Washington Post had to offer a correction for claiming otherwise. Unless … you aren’t implying Ben is responsible just because he vocally disagrees with the left on other things? Are you?

Those are not examples of him lying. Those are examples of him having a different opinion from you.

Ben is the one who doesn’t wear glasses.

Most people have zip ties at home. They don’t have military-grade zip-tie restraints. This isn’t complicated, and Ben was talking about zip ties. Don’t believe me? Believe Hunter Walker, who shared the tweet of Ben talking about zip ties.

Shapiro uses his brain. Reza eats them.

Even Ben Shapiro will admit he was a little saucier in his younger years. Shapiro now, many will argue, is one of the most mainstream conservative voices we have. Mainstream doesn’t mean without strong opinions he’s passionate about. At least, not in my opinion. If you don’t think someone like Shapiro should be allowed in a mainstream publication like Politico, it is youe right to hold that opinion. Let’s just, maybe, skip the part where you pretend we need unity.

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