Bar Owner Forced to Apologize to LGBTQ Community for ‘Offensive’ Sign Making a Point About Lockdowns

Many small businesses have been struggling during the lockdowns. Just when they think they can start making up for lost revenue, there are new restrictions. It appears to be a never-ending cycle. All while looking at big box stores and chains being allowed to open with impunity. Some feel that reeks of hypocrisy. Many business owners feel they aren’t getting any assistance and even fewer answers. A bar in Maryland expressed this frustration on a sign outside the establishment. Now they’ve run into a different problem.

So if a male can identify as a female, can a bar identity as a grocery store?

Let’s gloss over the lack of political correctness. As one activist feels, “If you’re not transgender you don’t get to decide what is or isn’t a joke or what you should or shouldn’t be sensitive about.” I’ll let you decide if you agree or disagree. On your own Facebook page. And deal with the beautiful and brave people censoring Facebook posts on your own.

However, and this is just one man’s opinion, the point on the sign is not without merit. It varies from region to region, but according to science, COVID isn’t really being spread from indoor dining. Bars and restaurants are already forced to stay at 50% occupancy at most. Yet if you go across the street to Walmart and eat at the Sbarro’s, or go to Target and get a latte at Starbucks, that’s okay. Again, according to science. There seems to be a lot of “science for thee and not for me” lately.

You’re free to consider the Market Street Inn sign as problematic. If business owners were getting answers about their livelihoods, they wouldn’t need to snarkily ask them on a chalkboard.

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