Dan Crenshaw Dunks on Andrew Cuomo’s Pathetic Attempt to Change His Pandemic Rhetoric

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his “State of the State” address on Monday. As you can imagine, there was a lot of focus on the pandemic. One can argue that the governor’s response has gotten mixed reviews. The Emmy awards and his brother Chris think that Cuomo has done a bang-up job. Many New Yorkers, people who had loved ones in nursing homes, and anyone else actually paying attention tend to disagree.

One line from his speech is getting a lot of attention. Also, causing a decent amount of post-concussion syndrome as heads hit desks.

There are many Americans who feel their leaders think they’re stupid. This tweet is like if Cuomo’s sign-language interpreter did a crotch chop to the citizens watching. Andrew Cuomo is the poster child for lockdowns. His most recent lockdowns are what launched the Barstool Fund, where regular people are raising money to help the businesses Cuomo didn’t care about. Now Chris’ Idiot Brother is trying to sound like most of us on the right sounded BACK IN MAY. That was two months after two weeks to flatten the curve. When Andrew Cuomo was implying people were anti-science for saying what he just said.

Among the Americans not amused was Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who points out Cuomo’s vaccine problem. Long story short, there are guidelines over who gets the vaccine first. However, you have to throw the vaccine out if it’s been defrosted and you don’t use it. If the vaccine is going to be thrown out anyway, common sense would say to give it to anyone who wanted it. Andy is fining people who give the vaccine to anyone Andy doesn’t find worthy. Or, WAS fining people before the bad press started.

There’s an episode of The Simpsons called “Homer Defined.” Homer Simpson prevented a nuclear catastrophe. Everyone celebrated his heroism, when truthfully, all Homer did was say “eenie, meanie, miny, moe” and accidentally press the right button to stop the meltdown. Because, as I’m sure most of you know, Homer Simpson is a lovable nincompoop. Take away the word lovable, and it’s an accurate analogy for Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic response. No amount of well-crafted rhetoric will change that.

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