Nancy Pelosi Stammers When 60 Minutes Calls Her Out Over Delaying COVID Relief

It’s not very often Nancy Pelosi gets challenged by the media. On those rare occasions, the Speaker runs away. Or, hobbles away. She’s a hundred and seventeen years old, so “running” isn’t an option. If I were more cynical, I would say Pelosi is hardly ever asked a question not written by Pelosi’s staff. Politics and the media bring us so few joys these days. We need to relish these moments as we can. Like last night on 60 Minutes. Pelosi was challenged on holding the American people hostage over COVID Relief. Actually, scratch that. One might call that hyperbolic. Pelosi was gently challenged on her tactical decision over the relief.

Watch this video twice. One with the sound on. Once with it off to truly enjoy her facial expressions.

PELOSI: Sure, those evil Republicans stormed the castle. But we still need to work together when we can.

STAHL: Hey, remember when you held up vital COVID relief for eight months? What’s up with that?


Honestly, kudos to Stahl for asking. The interview was about the events of Wednesday. If we’re going to have an honest discussion of ALL the things that led to Wednesday in the capital (hint: it wasn’t just people saying there was a steal to stop), the pandemic is part of the equation. Nancy Pelosi was one of the most vocal advocates of the lockdowns. Lockdowns that she didn’t follow herself. She then, while the American people were lockdown, held up giving them relief for eight months. She later admitted doing so was purely for political reasons. Few people, if any, held her accountable for it. It doesn’t take a red ball cap to see that rules only apply to some Americans.

There are a lot of factors that brought us to where we are right now. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t get to call for unity after spending the better part of the last few decades promoting anything but.

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