Joe Biden Compares Republicans to Nazis, and CNN’s ‘Fact’ Checker Thinks You’re an Idiot

Anyone who uses the words “Biden” and “unity” in the same sentence can kiss my patootie. The line forms to the right and please respect social distancing guidelines. Some of us looked at the events of January 6th and concluded we as a country need to ask ourselves hard questions. President-elect Biden saw what happened and felt pouring racially charged gasoline over an already enflamed situation was the way to go. Then of course came the Nazi comparisons. Because when a country needs to unify, having its next leader call opponents Nazis is the way to go.

Joe Biden likens Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley to Joseph Goebbels

I think the American people have a good clear look at who they are. They’re part of the “big lie.”

Let’s set aside the clear signs of senility and dementia where he couldn’t get his numbers straight. The “big lie” is a reference to Hitler’s BFF Joseph Goebbels. The head Nazi propagandist in charge. When you use him as an example – AS BIDEN HAS DONE BEFORE – only a nincompoop doesn’t understand what you’re saying. This brings us to CNN “fact” checker Daniel Dale.

Ted Cruz wasn’t happy about being called a Nazi, as you could imagine. According to Dale, Cruz shouldn’t be upset. Because Biden didn’t call him a literal Nazi.

I see.

On a related note, Donald Trump didn’t literally call for an insurrection against the US Capitol. Neither Ted Cruz nor Josh Hawley literally poured gasoline over Nancy Pelosi and lit a match. Yet, Dale’s colleagues in the Democrat party keep calling them arsonists. Traitors too. Even though none of them led a military coup against anyone. I never heard CNN’s resident propagandist “fact” checker correcting his colleagues in the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden’s message was loud and clear. It was clear because he used the example before. It was clear because his party calls anyone who disagrees with them about anything Nazis and fascists. However, Joe Biden is a Democrat. That means for the next four years, “speaking truth to power” becomes “what Joe Biden meant to say was….”

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