FLASHBACK: Colin Kaepernick Celebrates Political Violence, Gets $3MILLION from Jack Dorsey

Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump from Twitter. If you managed to be asleep for the last forty-eight hours, I’m envying you something fierce. Trump was suspended. Twitter reinstated him after he conceded. Then the company decided on a political ban. Trump saying he wasn’t going to an inauguration no one wanted him at to begin with was viewed as a call to violence. That’s the totally legit reason. Not because Twitter employees threatened CEO Jack Dorsey.

Some question the timing. Now that Republicans are no longer in power, they no longer pose a threat to Big Tech. Hence the companies getting liberal with deplatforming in a coordinated fashion. Some believe Republicans have no one to blame but themselves since they didn’t do jack sh*t when they were in power. That’s a blog post for down the road. Today, let’s talk about hypocrisy. Remember former back-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick? (h/t Not The Bee)

Kap used the platform to celebrate political violence. Even mocking people calling for peace. Less than a week later, Jack Dorsey gave him $3 million dollars.

No, a former backup quarterback isn’t as important as the leader of the free world. Rioting at the US Capitol isn’t apples to apples comparison to rioting in a department store. It’s the micro vs. macro argument. The micro is what happened on January 6th. The macro is all the things that led to January 6th. It’s more complicated than only Trump’s accusations of voter fraud. People in control excusing riots and violence when it’s their side doing it is part of the problem. Big Tech has made that clear all throughout 2020. This is just one example of Big Tech’s hypocrisy.

Political violence just begets more political violence. A serious discussion is needed to put an end to the cycle. If not, if the cycle continues, it will be Jack Dorsey’s ideological side’s turn. I wonder how much money he’ll donate to them if it happens.

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