Dan Crenshaw Gives Passionate Response About Wednesday’s Events in DC

People are still making sense of what happened at the Capitol on Wednesday. Tucker Carlson took a good macro look at how we got here. Dan Crenshaw spoke to Martha MacCallum. Here’s where he feels everyone’s “confrontational energy” should be directed.

Dan Crenshaw: The American people were lied to


You have to have these hard battles won at the state level. That’s where the hard work is done. That’s how you solve the important question of election integrity. …

We have to change these laws at the state level. Because these laws are loose. They don’t give people any confidence. People are getting ballots that don’t belong to them. There’s no voter ID. No signature verification. We hear you. … But we have to come together and work at the state level and change these things.

Two things:

I agree with him about Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Disagree with them if you like. I personally had no issues with them raising objections as Democrats have done in the past. But I doubt anyone was motivated to be there because the senator of Missouri sent out a press release. Most probably couldn’t identify a photo of him.

The state level is where change happens. The biggest problem is that each state has its own voting rules. Rules that even the people who are paid to understand them have a hard time understanding. That was before a pandemic and a massive increase in mail-in voting. If people are serious about election integrity, that’s where the debate needs to be for the next two years at least.

If we’re serious about election integrity, we need to focus our energy there and not lose interest now that the 2020 election has been conceded.

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