Activists Angrily Confront Portland’s Mayor While He’s on a Date

There’s a lot of chatter about political violence throughout the country. It would be a shame if this story out of Portland slipped through the cracks. Not when Portland is known as the capital of political violence. Actually, no. Let me fact-check myself there. Portland is said by some to be the capital of peaceful protests. That may or may not be anti faradium on the Periodic Table.

Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler keeps learning an unfortunate lesson. When you give in to activists’ demands, they just demand more. Mayor Wheeler realized his mistake and made a New Year’s resolution to push back. As you’ll see in this video, the people he is pushing back against are not amused.

“You are going to be made to feel like the scum you are!”

Wheeler claimed he was punched by a girl, though there’s no video of it. Plus it’s Portland and we wouldn’t want to misgender anyone. Xi might idenfity as a tree or something. Also, Wheeler isn’t pressing charges against anyone. One might argue letting activists ignore laws is part of what brought us here. It was the encouragement these specimens needed to make Wheeler look like a b*tch in front of his date. I’m not here to understand the progressive mind. Only to make a mockery of it.

There are other, more serious examples of what happens when you let groups of people ignore laws. Some rather recently. This is a comical one where the man letting people ignore those laws looks like a schmuck for doing so. And on a date! Like, dude, I’m embarrassed for the both of us.

Gay Conservatives Speak Out About Leftist Hypocrisy! (2018) | Louder With Crowder

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