Some in Sports Media Blame Clay Travis for the Capitol Riots

What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an embarrassing disgrace. Dare I say, deplorable. It also proved to be pointless. Joe Biden has been certified as president-elect. Donald Trump has “conceded” the election, or at least said there will be a peaceful transfer of power. There’s not much more I have to say about it than that. Other there, there may be an unfiltered version of this post somewhere on this site. Less Facebook friendly, more Facebook alternative friendly. See if you can parley those clues into where to find it.

I know there are more serious issues being discussed by more serious people. But these tweets from sports reporters caught my attention. Plus, politically I align myself with Clay Travis. We both love boobs and the First Amendment.

Travis, as someone who voted for Donald Trump, spoke out about what happened. He also attempted to explain how he felt we got here.

Rational. Well thought out. Concise. Also, according to some of Travis’ sports colleagues, everything that happened on Wednesday was his fault.

That was fast. We’ve seen similar things happen before. Anytime anything happens that can remotely be tied to “our side,” everyone on the right is going to be blamed. It’s why so many on the right to disagreed with/flat out hated Trump didn’t speak up. Because they’re going to blame/attack us anyway. John Kasich spoke out. The result was AOC saying he couldn’t sit with them.

Yesterday, it started with blame Donald Trump. Then it went to blame Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Then, anyone who raised what they felt were legitimate concerns on the ballot count. Now? People who disagree with the media narrative on the coronavirus and anyone who disagrees with wokeness. It’s been less than 24 hours. Message received. If you disagree with the left about anything, you are to blame for an “insurrection.” So just shut up about everything.

This is something I believe we need to watch out for. Especially now that Democrats have full control of the government and both Big Tech and the media are…you know.

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