President-Elect Joe Biden: ‘If It Were Black Lives Matter Protesting Yesterday…’

Well, this isn’t helpful.

The media keeps rhetorically talking about “arson” and “arsonists.” Call this clown Fahrenheit I Just Pooped My Pants. This after twenty-four hours of media lectures how right-wing rhetoric was to cause for what happened yesterday. The word whataboutism has been thrown around a lot too. Okay, let’s play. I’m using “Black Lives Matter” in it’s broadest sense. People who march on behalf of BLM don’t always march on issues having to do with black lives. Just generic leftism. Also, a lot of them are mayonnaise looking white trust fund babies. If it had been a Black Lives Matter protest…

Joe Biden SPECIFICALLY would be making excuses for it.

Any criticism of the protest would be racist.

The protesters who posed on the capitol floor, ransacked Nancy Pelosi’s office, and otherwise invade the Capitol? The media would be telling us not to blame them. Blame systematic racism.

Celebrities would be raising money for bail.

The story wouldn’t be about Black Lives Matter seizing the US Capitol. The story would be how Republicans are seizing on Black Lives Matter seizing the US Capitol.

Also, the cop who shot and killed an unarmed protester? The officer’s name would already be plastered all over the media. Reporters would be showing up at the officer’s house and where their kids go to school.

This is the same Joe Biden who keeps telling us it’s time to heal and bring the country together. This is Joe Biden’s first act now that he’s officially president-elect.

Mr. President-Elect, with all due respect, eat a dick.

Also, the story about your granddaughter is bullsh*t.

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