Billionaire Jack Ma suspected missing;Bio-prevention military vehicles patrol streets|China in Focus

The pandemic is worsening in one Northern Chinese city. Military vehicles from the Center for Disease Control have been spotted patrolling the streets there.

Is the cure actually worse than the disease? Stories behind China’s severe lockdown measures may hint at the answer.

Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma is missing. That’s as his financial services company Ant Group braces for another major blow.

And the New York Stock Exchange announced an unexpected policy reversal. It was set to delist 3 Chinese telecom companies known to have ties to the Chinese Military. But now, that plan has been scrapped.

00:49 Bio-prevention Military Vehicles Patrol Streets
01:40 Lockdown Troubles in North China
03:58 Chinese Citizen Reveals Cover-up of the Pandemic
04:53 Info Shows Virus is Lab-leaked: WH Advisor
05:46 2021 Travel May Include Vaccine Passport
06:36 Billionaire Jack Ma Suspected Missing
07:59 Series of Blows to Ant Group Causes Chilling Effect
11:38 Party Members Required to Avoid Falun Gong Abroad
14:21 NYSE U-turn on Delisting Chinese Firms
15:40 US Security Adviser Slams EU-China Deal
17:08 Europe Undecided on Dependence on Communist China


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Billionaire Jack Ma suspected missing; Bio-prevention military vehicles patrol streets
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