Liberal Economist Calls Ted Cruz “Enemy of Democracy,” Cruz’s Response is Pitch Perfect

The electoral college is meeting this week to certify Joe Biden’s victory. Though, they may not if Ted Cruz has his way. The senator announced he’s leading ten senators to object to the electors. That is, unless there is an emergency audit of the results. The concern is with some of the voter fraud that has been alleged.

Yes, as Twitter reminds us, voter fraud is exceedingly rare. In a fact check written over a month ago. That doesn’t actually address any of the issues that have popped up. Voter fraud may be rare but it still exists. Cruz even acknowledges in his statement that “breadth and scope [of fraud] are disputed.” He also lays out the historical precedence that backs up what he and his colleagues are doing.

Liberals and most of the media (but I repeat myself) may claim “precedence, schmecedence.” They believe Joe Biden won, no questions asked. To say otherwise is traitorous and sedition’erous. And a few other words the people using them don’t actually know the meaning to. Former presidential advisor Robert Reich has even made an enemies list. One Senator Cruz felt worth responding to.

The article Cruz shares doesn’t quite compare apples to apples. Though it does make the point Reich is all about elected officials fulfilling their constitutional duties when he agrees with them. Not that there aren’t more accurate ways to illustrate leftist hypocrisy. But Reich didn’t write an OpEd about these:

No, Ted Cruz is not being an enemy of democracy. There’s no sedition. No one is committing treason. He and his colleagues are doing their jobs. Could they be motivated by purely partisan reasons? They’re politicians in Washington DC. A better answer would be with another question. Do you think Democrats would act any different if the roles were reserved?

Let Senator Cruz and his colleagues make their case. Let people who disagree with them make theirs. If you think letting them do so will destroy democracy, you don’t know what that means.

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