Judge Jeanine destroys Congress in an epic rant: ‘Where is the right to the pursuit of happiness?’

NEW YORK, NY- Let’s just call Fox News Channel’s Judge Jeanine Pirro the “anti-Chris Cuomo” or the “anti-Don Lemon”…or pretty much the anti-anybody-on-any-other-cable news network.

While people such as Cuomo and Lemon fawn over people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been pretty much wrong on everything, and who lecture the peons about obeying rules they refuse to, Pirro is having none of it.

This past Saturday, Pirro, in a smackdown of epic proportions, eviscerated the ruling class across the country who have been putting the thumb on the American people with a series of punishing emergency executive orders all in the name of keeping people “safe.”

In her opening statement on Dec. 26, Pirro laid bare the hypocrisy and power lust these primarily Democrat governors have exercised over the past eight months.

The first target of Pirro’s wrath was the queen herself, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Pirro said:

“But this week topped even Nancy Pelosi’s shameless ‘I’m rich and you’re not’ theater, as she posed eating ice cream in front of her $24,000 refrigerator freezer claiming that her rows of $13 a pint chocolate ice cream was helping her deal with the pandemic.

“What pandemic? There’s no pandemic for people like you, Nancy. You constantly violate the rules you pass. The pain and the please of working people fall on deaf ears, as you claim to not understand why people are against lockdown orders.”

That was just the beginning, as she then targeted other Democrats, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“Your cold response ‘shelter in place’, is really the answer? Really? You phony, condescending, fraudulent hypocrite, as you, the most powerful elected House Democrat, pontificate that we simply need to listen to the science, you march through a salon without a mask like a Queen immune from any laws or science.

“You and your ilk violate your own rules so often, it’s clear, you believe not only that you are above the law, but also that the rules serve no purpose other than to suppress and defeat us.

“You and California Governor Gavin Newsom shut us down, yet selfishly dine at restaurants so beyond the reach of people you seek to suppress that you’re creating an unnecessary class war.”

Pirro is one of the most outspoken pundits on television and on this particular day, she wasn’t holding back. And people noticed, including Jeff Poor of Breitbart News.

“Saturday, FNC’s Jeanine Pirro attacked the ruling class’s hypocrisy when it comes to lockdowns and how the rules apply to small business but not corporations.” 

The Fox New host took special exception to those allowed to ignore the rules of the pandemic if their activities fit a social justice narrative.”

Pirro continued, calling out Democrats for looking to “crush small business” while larger big box stores, such as Target, Costco, Home Depot and Amazon all are “thriving,” noting that smaller businesses which sell the exact same items are forced to close. She then called out Democrats for telling Americans to “listen to the science.”

“What science” she asked. “Where are the numbers that support the closing of all restaurants in New York, New Jersey, and California when there is only a 1.4 percent COVID spread?”

She then railed against the Democrats for closing schools, while trying to pad teacher’s union coffers, slamming them for the failure of that money to reach the students.

Pirro took Democrats to task for disregarding social distance when it came to social justice issues.

“Where is the small busines justice? Where is the right to the pursuit of happiness? Where is the right of the little man to compete in this country?”

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LET Unity

Pirro questioned why fast-food joints such as McDonald’s were permitted to open, but not the neighborhood burger restaurant.

“You say the drive-thru is safe. Tell me about the guy who hands me the French fries through the window, did he touch his hands to his glasses? His apron, to the person’s hands before me?

“Was the burger cooked on an open grill? Was that man’s mask on the whole time? And if he sneezed, did the mask slip off? How long have his gloves been on?

“Did he wipe his hands on his pants? Or his apron? Did he touch his sleeve? The one that he coughed into?”

Pirro then moved on to New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 31-year-old representative from Brooklyn.

“But the one who takes that cake is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who at age 30 took the vaccine. Now, I call it the Trump vaccine. Funny, so many Democrats said they wouldn’t take it if it came out of the Trump administration. Yet there they are jumping to the head of the line,” the judge said.

Pirro complained that there is currently not enough vaccines for the elderly and infirm, who are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. Yet, she says politicians “consider themselves vital” and therefore push themselves to the front of the line.

“Healthy members of Congress, many of them younger than 40 pushing Americans to the curb as they bully their way to get a vaccine. The same bullies who got a paycheck and didn’t give a damn about whether you would be getting one.

“These selfish politicians getting a vaccine before all the healthcare workers who work 15 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that we were safe.”

Pirro then went on to speak about a friend of hers, a 73-year-old doctor who has a compromised immune system, yet he sits in line for a vaccine behind so-called “essential workers,’ including garbage collectors and truck drivers.

The host then slammed the lockdowns, noting that if they had actually worked, they wouldn’t need to keep implementing the lockdowns ad nauseum. And then taking months to come up with a simple, straight relief bill, unencumbered by special interest money while acting like they actually care about the American people.

The judge then went off on Congress for allocating money to give to foreign countries.

“And now for the big screwing. How do you justify taking money from America to give to foreign countries and special interest during a pandemic as we come upon the end of tenant protections? That’s December 31 with the inability to work, the inability to get a vaccine and you arrogant selfish politicians think that $600 is enough.”

Pirro continued:

“A primer, you work in the House of Representatives. It is the people’s house. It was built for those who are closest to the people. You work for us. We pay your salary, your staff, for your travel, for your junkets. You spend our money, not yours, and you prefer to spend it now on third world countries while we’re in a pandemic.

“You want to give $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan, $1.4 billion to the Asian Reassurance Initiative Act, $37 million to make sure the Philippine students don’t play hooky? If you can’t afford to take care of Americans but you can take care of other countries and special projects of lobbyists, then we can’t afford to have you in the people’s house.”

The judge finished:

“You’ve proven that you’re disloyal, that your health and your salaries are more important than the people who put you in power, naively; you’re a disdain for the people you represent, and it may be your undoing. Trust me on that.”  

As the Media Research Center noted, quoting Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research, speaking to the “science” being relied on by the political class to put the thumb on the rest of us:

“Coronavirus lived on surfaces until it didn’t. Masks didn’t work until they did, then did not. There is asymptomatic transmission, except there isn’t. Lockdowns work to control the virus except they do not.

All these people are sick without symptoms until, whoops, PCR tests are wildly inaccurate because they were never intended to be diagnostic tools. Everyone is in danger of the virus, except when they aren’t. It spreads in schools except it doesn’t.”

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