Mysterious smog engulfs cities across China; Major New year events canceled due to virus

More and more CCP virus cases emerge in China. Major New Year’s events in Beijing have been canceled.

A district in a northeastern city is now under strict lockdown. Authorities are sealing entrances to shops and apartment units, and even windows of passing cars.

Where is the smog from? Less coal is imported from Australia and burned in China, leading to less electricity, the shutdown of heating systems, and suspension of factories. But the air quality is getting worse.

Canadian’s give taxpayers money to Chinese companies as part of the coronavirus subsidy. Some of them are linked to Chinese military and intelligence.

And the US put sanctions on a Chinese gangster boss for his infiltration activities in Southeast Asia. He is working with the CCP on Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiatives.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Virus cancels major new year’s events
03:17 Virus situation escalates in Dalian city
04:52 Smog engulfs cities across China
05:35 Chinese couple fined $400K for having 8 children
07:20 Chinese firms get Canadian virus relief
09:51 EO strengthened to sanction Chinese firms
11:02 DOJ fights court, pushes TikTok ban
11:44 Congo targets Australian ore
13:55 CCP-linked crime boss infiltrates SE Asia
17:28 Who quit the CCP and affiliated organizations?


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Mysterious smog engulfs cities across China; Major New year events canceled due to virus
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