Fed Up Restaurant Owner BLOCKS Health Inspector’s Car, Delivers Awesome Rant

Yet again, here is another American standing up. In the video below, a fed up restaurant owner blocked the car of a health department minion and explained to the several officers who responded to him why he had to do what he did.

This video is from Rumble, by the way. A hopeful alternative to YouTube.

If you own a restaurant, consider this man’s take. What else is he supposed to do? Seriously. Not a single cop there could answer him as they are all being PAID to do THEIR jobs.

Asking questions like this is but a first step. This man feels like he’s at the end of his rope. And maybe he is. Some will say what he’s doing is irresponsible. Some will say the risk isn’t worth the reward. Some will say his business is non-essential. Some will say we’re all “in this together” even as they’re gathering their paychecks while others cannot. Some will say we shouldn’t even amplify this man as he’s taken the wrong approach. Those who say such things can pucker up to my butt cheeks.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff

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