NC Association of Chiefs of Police sends letter demanding Gov, AG condemn violence against police

CHARLOTTE, NC – A statewide organization that represents police chiefs in North Carolina is asking the Governor and the Attorney General to be more vocal when it comes to violence against their police officers.

In eight days, two police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in the Charlotte area, and two other officers were injured. On December 16, Officer Jason Shuping was killed while responding to a call and another officer, Kaleb Robinson, was injured. In a statement on behalf of Concord City Council, Mayor William Dusch said:

“Officer Shuping dedicated his life to protecting and serving our community, and we are heartbroken about his tragic death, as well as the shooting of his fellow officer, Kaleb Robinson. Jason made the ultimate sacrifice and, for that, we will be forever indebted and he will be forever remembered.”

In the days following the shooting, condolences poured in from across the state. City leaders said in a statement:

“The outpouring of support for our community that has come from neighboring communities, the Governor, and officers throughout the state has been overwhelming. We hope that it brings some measure of comfort to Jason’s family, friends, and fellow officers, to whom we offer both our deepest condolences and our gratitude for Jason’s service.”

A letter by the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police was sent to Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Joshua Stein in the days after Kings Mountain Police Officer Frank Whittington, Jr. was shot and injured in the line of duty.

The letter asks the Governor and Attorney General to publicly condemn violence against law enforcement. Chief David Hess, President of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police, said:

“It must end. The governor and the attorney general have a role as leaders in our state to condemn acts of violence against law enforcement.”

Governor Cooper’s office claims that he reached out to the family of Mount Holly Police Officer Tyler Herndon when he was killed in the line of duty on December 11, 2020, and that he also reached out to the family of Officer Shuping.

The North Carolina Association of Police Chiefs said that is not enough. In a statement, Hess said:

“What the families and the community of those behind the badge and law enforcement should hear from the Governor and Attorney general is an accretive statement condemning all acts of violence towards law enforcement”

Randy Hagler, President of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police, said:

“I would think that from the Governor’s Office and the Attorney General they would want to be doing everything they could to stop this from happening.”

Hagler is a former CMPD officer serving 29 years, and he said that the recent violence against officers in his area has had an impact, but it will not make officers afraid to do their jobs. He said:

“For our existing officers from personal experience, it usually makes you that much more resolved to do your job and be good with it.”

FOX 46 reached out to Governor Cooper’s office for a statement. The Governor’s office responded by saying:

“Governor Cooper is deeply grateful for law enforcement officers, and he is concerned about the increased violence. He signed a law increasing penalties for assaulting an officer with a firearm and he believes state and local leaders must give them the training and support to do their job and to build trust with the communities they serve.”

The letter sent to the Governor and Attorney General stated that “there is a deafening silence from state leadership concerning the escalating violence perpetrated against officers.” 

Hess added:

“In the 17 years I’ve been in North Carolina law enforcement, I’ve never seen this much violence against law enforcement.”

Hess added that there is a big difference between sharing condolences and condemning acts of violence against law enforcement. In a statement, he said:

“Law enforcement wakes up every day putting our badge on not knowing if we’ll go home to see our family. Imagine that.

“Nobody else in this state has to live like that, and my family lives like that. Every law enforcement officer across the state lives with that. It would be nice to hear that our officials are asking to condemn violence against us. We’re not the enemy.”

Hagler said he believes treatment and behavior toward police officers should start at home. He said:

“A lot of our kids are not being brought up to respect police, and that’s transcending to when they’re young teenagers, older teenagers, and young adults. That doesn’t get any better when they’re not taught that when they’re younger.”

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LET Unity

Leaked letter to Portland politicians shows just how horrific violence against police has gotten

August 22, 2020

Editor note: This letter to the Mayor and DA in Portland was obtained by Law Enforcement Today and previous to now, has not been released to the public.  The Mayor and DA have not commented on it.  When you read it, you’ll realize it’s because there can’t possibly be a response that’s appropriate other than them flat out resigning.

PORTLAND, OR- Mayor Wheeler and District Attorney Schmidt:

Over the last two nights, we have seen premeditated attempts by rioters to burn down the East Precinct, which is connected to residential apartments occupied by general members of the public.

The people intent on rioting, violence, arson, and assault are not peaceful protestors; they are criminals who come prepared with helmets, masks, shields, fake “press” passes, rocks, mortars, fireworks, and other handheld weapons.

Watch: ‘Wall of Moms’ protect rioters in Portland from federal officers, chant 'all cops are bastards'
Watch: ‘Wall of Moms’ protect rioters in Portland from federal officers, chant ‘all cops are bastards’

They were not peacefully using words or signs of protest to enact social reform, racial equity, or police reform; they were wielding weapons meant to destroy property and harm people.

Here are some examples of the weapons carried by rioters just last night, including a loaded handgun:

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police sends letter demanding Gov, AG condemn violence against police

Twice in the last two days, these rioters have accomplished their mission: chaos and destruction.

That is because the Police Bureau’s operational direction from the Police Commissioner and City Council, is to let the violence escalate almost to the point of no return, and only then can the Police Bureau intervene.

That is insane.

Police should have the latitude to prevent crime, not watch it happen and only intervene after the fact. It does not stop there. Although the Police Bureau has made 21 arrests in those two days, I have no doubt that those arrested will get away with their crimes without any consequence or accountability from the District Attorney’s Office.

As Police Commissioner and District Attorney, your primary jobs are public safety, not politics. You are failing.

Do not bother asking the many, many officers who have been injured by rocks, bottles, and have had mortars hurled at them with the sole intent to injure.

Do not bother asking the many female and Black officers who have endured racial slurs, threats of rape, and threats to their personal and family safety.

Neither of you seems to care much about the officers. Instead, ask these two elderly women about their experiences last night:

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police sends letter demanding Gov, AG condemn violence against police

The first, armed only with a walker, a fire extinguisher, and a homemade BLM poster, tried to put out a fire last night in front of the East Precinct. In return, she endured harassment and assault from rioters. Watch the videos here, here, here, and here.

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police sends letter demanding Gov, AG condemn violence against police

The second, armed only with her words, was physically assaulted by rioters who threw paint on her, put hands on her, and yelled in her face. Watch the videos here and here.

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police sends letter demanding Gov, AG condemn violence against police

Neither of these two innocent members of the public will get justice.

None of the rioters who engaged in criminal acts against these two women will be held accountable. Why? Because neither of you will do anything about it.

To Mayor Wheeler, our Police Commissioner:

You are telling the Police Bureau what it can and cannot do to maintain the peace. Whatever operational direction you are giving the Police Bureau is not working. Our City is filled with violence.

It is reckless for you to handcuff the Police Bureau by telling our officers to intervene only after violence has occurred, but not to take necessary action to prevent violence before it happens. Step up and do your job; let the Police Bureau reestablish peace on our streets and support the Bureau and its officers when they do so.

To District Attorney Schmidt:

You ran on a platform of police accountability, which was a thinly veiled threat to indict police officers. What about indicting rioters who loot, burn, destroy, and assault? What about your ethical and moral duties to uphold the law and keep all our citizens safe?

The people committing arson and assault are not peaceful protestors; they are criminals. Step up and do your job; hold the rioters accountable. If there is no consequence for crimes from the District Attorney’s office, there is no reason for criminals to stop the chaos.

I am disgusted that our City has come to this. If it is acceptable for rioters to commit acts of violence against community members and to try and burn down occupied buildings, and if this conduct is allowed to continue, then Portland is lost. Our communities demand accountability.

That includes you two being accountable to the public. Allow our Police Officers to do the job they swore an oath to do, to stop crime and the fear of crime. Use the criminal justice system to hold criminals accountable for their crimes with actual consequences.

Let the Police Chief, his command staff, and the rank-and-file officers do their jobs in protecting the City from the rioters who are bent on destroying our City, burning our police precincts, and assaulting officers or anyone else who gets in their way. Portland has had enough.


Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association

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