Four NYC corrections officers brutally attacked by a Bloods gang member in Rikers Island jail

NEW YORK, NY – Four New York City corrections officers were taken to the hospital after they were allegedly attacked by a Bloods gang member at Rikers Island jail in New York.

According to the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President, the attack of the officers occurred on December 18 around 5:30 p.m.  The incident started when one of the guards was letting the inmate out of his cell. 

Association President Benny Boscio, Jr. said that was when the suspect allegedly attacked the guard. 

Boscio said that the inmate punched the guard in his face “fracturing his nose with blood everywhere.”

Three other guards who saw what happened rushed in to help and subdue the suspect after the attack.  Those guards allegedly suffered injuries themselves, including a broken finger and sprained wrists.  Boscio said:

“Last night, four dedicated NYC Correction Officers were sent to the hospital after being brutally assaulted by a gang member…This incident is just one of the countless assaults on our Correction Officers that have occurred recently. 

“Assaults on our officers are up 15 percent this year.  Instead of holding the assaultive inmates accountable for their crimes, Council Member Danny Dromm blames the victims of these assaults…He has failed our Correction Officers and his victim-blaming is a disgrace to the office he holds.  He must resign now!”

Boscio is demanding that New York City Councilman Danny Dromm, who has lobbied to reform and shut down the jail, immediately resign over his lack of support for corrections officers.  He believes that Dromm should be focusing on how to deal with the criminals instead of trying to give them more rights. 

Dromm is known for criticizing the jail stating that he has seen what he terms as abusive conditions.  He has also called for an end to solitary confinement for all jails within New York City.

On December 14, Dromm pushed forward a bill that is designed to end the use of solitary confinement in all of New York City jails.  Under his bill, criminals would only be allowed to be sent to solitary confinement for the purpose of defusing a situation and could not be isolated for any more than four hours.

The bill would also require the Department of Corrections to completely document all cases in which a criminal would be placed in solitary confinement.  That report would be made public so that anyone could view when and how often criminals are sent to solitary.

Dromm said that he has pushed this bill in order to create humane conditions for the criminals inside of all of the New York City jails.  He said:

“Solitary confinement is not just a violation of the basic human rights of the individual subjected to it.  It is a horrific practice whose negative impact reverberates throughout our entire society.”

Dromm claims that the use of solitary confinement does little good for the criminals that are subjected to it. He believes that the use of solitary only serves to make people more violent and adversely affects their mental health. 

Dromm claims that his bill has been produced after consulting with criminal justice experts; feedback from criminal justice reform activists; the opinion of social service providers, medical professionals, and others in government.  He said:

“History will not be kind to us if we turn back from the clarion call: Solitary confinement must end now…It has no place in our city, no place in our state, and no place in our country.”

The bill will be presented to lawmakers and voted upon.  If the bill is passed, it will go into effect 180 days after the Mayor signs it into law.

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What police? NYPD defunding results in nearly 2,500 unanswered complaints regarding the homeless population

December 7, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY – According to data recently obtained by the New York Post, the adverse effects associated with the defunding of the NYPD, by $1 billion, has resulted in a problem that wasn’t exactly on many people’s radar. 

As it turns out, issues revolving around vagrant-related complaints have increased after the NYPD’s Homeless Outreach Unit disbanded earlier in the year due to budget cuts. 

With nearly 2,486 complaints having been filed in the past five months related to vagrancy issues without any police action, there’s reportedly growing frustration towards the Department of Homeless Services. 

Apparently, the Department of Homeless Services was meant to take the helm after the NYPD’s Homeless Outreach Unit was effectively disbanded after the budget cuts earlier in 2020, but there are looming allegations that the department is doing little to nothing when 311 calls come in. 

Accusations swirling around the aftermath of police defunding, allege that the NYPD’s Homeless Outreach Unit was cut without city officials having a concrete plan to transition the responsibilities over to the Department of Homeless Services. 

An official who’s familiar with the matter expressed sentiments: 

“City Hall took the responsibility away from the [Police] Department but the city never developed or implemented the plan by DHS to handle additional homelessness calls.”

Police Benevolent Association President, Pat Lynch, mirrored those frustrations about there being a lack of a plan by elected officials after absolving the NYPD from homeless outreach endeavors: 

“Like so many other issues, homeless outreach landed in cops’ laps because the politicians had no other plan to solve the problem. Now, they’re taking responsibilities and resources away from the NYPD, but they still don’t have a plan.”

Manhattan’s West 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue is said to be one of the areas most heavily impacted by the disbanding of the NYPD’s HOU. 

Nancy Lowe, a 90-year-old woman who has lived in the area since 1968, described one local homeless man that has been causing issues without any sort of police response to these instances: 

“He is quite vociferous. He yells and he screams…It was getting better but now it’s getting worse. The police do not come around anymore.”

Another woman, identified only as Grace M., has been living in the area for 68 years. She cited that there has been a spike of maybe “80 to 90 percent” of homeless people inhabiting the area: 

“Nobody is doing anything. It’s just a deterioration of the neighborhood…It seems like what I saw in the ‘80s.”

Detectives’ Endowment Association President, Paul DiGiacomo, was among those that pointed the proverbial finger towards politicians that performed a knee-jerk reaction to protests related to defunding the police: 

“There’s no doubt that the city’s ever-increasing homeless population deserves proper services, but the ill-advised rush by politicians to ‘defund the police’ comes with consequences.”

DiGiacomo claimed that these performative moves aimed at appeasing protesters is merely just servicing toward whatever the Twitter hashtag of the week is: 

“Now that these same elected officials have moved on to the next trending hashtag — New Yorkers are left to suffer.”

Avery Cohen, who serves as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first deputy press secretary, didn’t exactly deny that 311 calls aren’t being tended to properly, she merely conveyed that the issues are being “addressed”: 

“The vast number of 311 calls expressing concerns about street conditions continue to be addressed, even amid the City’s new vision for homeless outreach and the ongoing transition between city agencies.”


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