Portland Antifa anarchist who promised to stab a gay journalist is reportedly a well-to-do chef (op-ed)

PORTLAND, OR – It was reported over the summer that many members of the anti-fascist group Antifa were wealthy white people – while they attack people and buildings in the name of anarchy, Communism, or on behalf of Black Lives Matter. 

One Portland man has been exposed by journalist Any Ngo, and we’ve dug a little deeper and found out something else – this guy’s grandpa surely wouldn’t be happy with him.

Andy Ngo, famous for his Antifa coverage that has gotten him assaulted and despised by the group, tweeted the man’s information and surprise:

“Cloyd Dixon Rauch, a militant Antifa in Portland who promised to stab me, is actually a middle-class family man who is giving away Christmas postcards of him in black bloc w/his partner Casey Rauch & child. Both husband & wife have radical beliefs they conceal behind wealthy life.”

Rauch and his family took a photo at home with their nice Christmas tree and displayed the photo on their personalized Christmas cards.  The greeting on the card wishes:


Portland Antifa anarchist is actually well-to-do chef – grandpa wouldn’t be happy with him
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

Another Christmas photo shows the man and his wife, who is obviously pregnant, in matching wool pajamas and standing in front of a well-adorned Christmas tree.

Portland Antifa anarchist is actually well-to-do chef – grandpa wouldn’t be happy with him
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

When Andy Ngo posted these photos to Twitter, he got many interesting comments – many were aggressive and hateful, obviously from anarchists sympathizing with Cloyd Rauch, but one sparked interest, explaining the outlandish notion of a wealthy man revolting against a system that made him wealthy.

Nima Salimi wrote:

“Imagine being so privileged, living in one of the best countries in the world where you can express yourself freely and achieve almost anything, but choose to submit yourself to such radical and violent ideology to tear down the system you’re benefiting from.”

Twitter user Samuel seemed to agree with Salimi:

“I can never understand it, man, at what point are these imbeciles coming, to what extent socialism has entered America to deceive these naïve people. What are they revolting against? America the country that gave you freedom and prosperity? I’ll never understand that…”

Another photo showed Rauch and his wife on an apparent hiking trip, wearing upscale outdoor clothing.

Portland Antifa anarchist is actually well-to-do chef – grandpa wouldn’t be happy with him
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

Twitter user Fr33yomind added:

“That’s exactly what it is! Imma rich white kid from the suburbs but when I don my Che Cuevara t-shirt and various ACAB regalia, I become a hero social crusader hellbent on cancelling all of society’s ‘undesirables.’”

Twitter user Southern Man explained the scenario well:

“Probably went to private school and had one teacher that told them how evil colonialism was and that they were products of white empires but couldn’t quite talk them into giving up Starbucks or shopping off Amazon so they just decided to hate America in a sensible way.”

While the initial story of a moderately wealthy guy who lives in a really nice home and has nice things for Christmas – like matching pajamas and clothing from Columbia and the North Face – is interesting, there is more to the story.

The guy has a very unique name.  Easy to search.  Easy to discover.  A little research showed that Cloyd Rauch is a chef at a high-end Portland restaurant.  He is also formally known as Cloyd Dixon Rauch IV.  More on that in a second. 

Cloyd Dixon Rauch IV also operates under Twitter handle TheNoid and said that stabbing Andy Ngo was on his “bucket list.”

Portland Antifa anarchist is actually well-to-do chef – grandpa wouldn’t be happy with him
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

Further searching of the unique name revealed information that was staggering.  You would think grandpa would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what his grandson was doing – especially with all the gifts that the grandson has, likely because of the hard work his previous generations laid out for him.

Portland Antifa anarchist is actually well-to-do chef – grandpa wouldn’t be happy with him
Screenshot courtesy of Willamette National Cemetery

Research brought up the Willamette National Cemetery, a cemetery specifically used for burying war veterans in Oregon.

One such gravesite and tombstone shows that Cloyd Dixon Rauch, Jr., former United States Navy Commander (O-5), was born in 1918 and died in 2001.  Further searching informed us that he was born in Washington state and moved to the Portland area during the middle 1950s.

Cloyd Dixon Rauch, Jr. served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  He is, research suggests, Cloyd IV’s grandfather.  Grandpa must be so proud of his pretend-anarchist grandson that he’s rolling over in his grave.

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Portland restaurant burned down after owner makes negative comments about Antifa

December 17, 2020

PORTLAND, OR – On one hand, Portland residents are getting what they asked for, or voted for, in ultra-liberal politicians and handcuffed police officers. 

On the other hand, one can’t help but feel bad for residents who don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa narratives, and just want to run their businesses and live their lives.

The owner of a restaurant on Sandy Boulevard who has been publicly critical of Antifa’s mass vandalism had his business burned down shortly after making the comments. Now investigators are saying the fire was an arson attack.

Portland restaurant set on fire after owner criticizes antifa
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

That resident who just wants to run his business and live his life is the owner of Reo’s Ribs, Reo Girod.  Girod’s restaurant is located in Portland’s Hollywood District. 

Firefighters arrived on the scene of a reported blaze at the restaurant to find smoke pouring out of the rear of the building, and active fire on the inside and outside of the building.

Portland Fire and Rescue officials are looking to question a person seen in surveillance footage apparently setting fire to a local restaurant.

The suspected arsonist acted after the restaurant owner criticized vandalism in the area committed by Antifa.

According to video surveillance reported by KOIN 6 Portland, the feed shows the act of arson:

“Investigators with @PDXFire  say the fire at Reo’s Ribs last month was intentionally set and they have a suspect they would like to question.

“This is surveillance footage from that night.”

The video shows the suspected arsonist setting a fire at the rear of Reo’s Ribs. The person continues to add more fuel. The person is in plain view of the street while setting the fire.  KOIN said fire officials said they would like to question the suspect. They did not report if fire officials knew the identity of the person.

Portland restaurant set on fire after owner criticizes antifa
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

Myra Girod, co-owner of Reo’s Ribs told KOIN 6 News:

“I feel really relieved that we know who did it and we know that we might be stopping other fires.”

This is the second fire at Reo’s Ribs in the past three years. Portland Fire Department officials ruled a 2017 fire that previously destroyed the restaurant to be an accident. Reo Girod, owner of the restaurant, remains suspicious of the incident. He rebuilt the restaurant only to have it burned a second time.

This is certainly not the first act of arson committed on behalf of Antifa.  Portland has been a literal hotbed of arson activity with the Portland Police Headquarters building set on fire, several U.S. government buildings, an environmental clean-up company, and even a police officer’s home.

A few weeks ago, a group aligned with the radical left-wing group Antifa sent a tweet in which it appeared to praise an alleged arson attempt at a law enforcement officer’s home.  The officer lives in the western suburbs of Portland, and his home and a vehicle were set on fire.

The group, Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, included an article on how federal law enforcement agencies were investigating the incident, which law enforcement said might be linked to recent protests in Portland. According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has already claimed the incident was arson.

In a tweet, the group commented, “This is so cool,” referencing the fire at the officer’s home.

Interestingly, Twitter had no issue with a group celebrating the arson of a police officer’s home.

A spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau indicated that there was a “concern in this case that the officer was surveilled and followed home.”  This arson action follows other acts in a series that have followed months of protests in cities like Portland and and Seattle, where some destroyed or defaced property.

The PNW Youth Liberation Front describes itself as a “[d]ecentralized network of autonomous youth collectives.” Apparently stating its goal, the group says: “Direct action towards total liberation.”

The group has also resisted the idea that protests should be peaceful.

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