Mike Rowe Harshly Opposes Student Loan Forgiveness: ‘It’s Not the American People’s Fault’

Canceling student loan debts appears to be one of the first orders of business for Joe Biden. Americans are struggling due to certain government restrictions over a particular virus. A priority for the administration seems to be helping the upper middle class, particularly the ones who took out ludicrous loans to attend expensive schools. One might be inclined to call it a bailout for Joe Biden supporters. Mike Rowe just thinks it’s bad policy.

Yes, the guy who rails against the insane cost of college disagrees with this plan. Especially after some say the pandemic exposed how unnecessarily expensive college is. There are many wonky reasons why loan forgiveness is a bad idea. Top of the list is it only encouraging colleges to make tuition more insane. But Rowe offered a reason more likely to resonate with the American people.

I pity every young man and woman who is struggling today under the yoke of a crushing student loan. I sincerely do. You were quite possibly sold a bill of goods. You were very likely pressured by your friends, your parents, or your guidance counselor, to attend the “right” school. You were perhaps a victim of this persistent, pernicious, and preposterous push to peddle a four-year degree to every person with a pulse, and for that, you have my sympathy. But that’s not my fault. Nor is it the fault of the American people. The fault belongs to you, and so does the debt.

Conservatives generally argue against canceling student loan debt. I’d argue that doing it now is an even worse time. Lots of Americans are struggling with debt this year. Yet they are struggling with it through no fault of their own. They woke up one morning and their government told them they can’t make a living anymore. Their government told them they can’t provide for their families. They aren’t in debt because they took out loans for a college degree that doesn’t justify the cost of the loan. Yet those are the people the left seems more concerned about helping. If you wanted an illustration for why we fight or what a culture war looks like n 2020, there it is.

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