Adam Carolla Supports Gavin Newsom Recall, Challenges Californians: ‘Stop Being Sheep …’

California seems like a horrible place to spend a pandemic. I say that as a New Yorker whose governor invented tyrannical lockdown mandates. Commiefornia looks like a su-diddly-ucky place to live. And that’s just talking about the COVID tyranny! That’s not getting into all the homeless and poop. I will however give California credit for one thing. When the voters finally get fed up, they aren’t afraid to recall their governor. There’s a Recall Newsom effort under way, which is already halfway to having the necessary signatures. Count at least one celebrity endorser: Adam Carolla.

I don’t know who Newsom thinks he is. He’s not a monarch. You can’t shut down society. You gotta offer some proof why it’s dangerous,. And by the way, sheep: Wake up, sheep. It’s not Newsom, it’s all the sheep that just listen to Newsom.

People are starting to wake up. It could be officials admitting the lack of science behind lockdowns. Or allowing celebrities to dine outdoors next to where they don’t allow normal people. Or it could be the simple fact that if you find a loophole, the government will come after you anyway. Pick one. There are many straws that might be responsible for severing the camel’s l4-l5. Whatever the reason, Gov. Schwarzenegger can tell you a recall is possible. If California does manage to dump Newsom, I can only hope it inspires New Yorkers to do the same.

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