SATIRE: JP Sears Reminds Us How Brave it is to Blindly Follow the Media

Unlike Facebook’s “independent” “fact” “checkers,” I know that you know this is tongue-in-cheek. Unlike the media, I don’t think the people reading this right now are morons. But since it’s Big Tech’s world and we all just live in it, consider this my official declaration of satire. It’s not my intent to mislead you into believing the media wants you to shut up and do what you’re told. I would never do that. That’s not the type of person I am. I’m only here to share a video from comedian JP Sears that gave me a chuckle.

If YOU see any similarities between this video and CNN, that’s your own conclusion.

How the Media Wants You To Think

“I’m brave enough to know that when my gut tells me I’m being fooled, I’m wrong.”

Here’s my question to you, the readers. As declared earlier in this post, this video is a work of satire. In no way a serious look at how the media views Americans and expects us to behave. But I’m wondering. We all have friends and family members. Their opinions of a particular virus and certain government mandates vary. How many of them would you say are accurately portrayed by this video? I’d guess more than a few.

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