So Now We’re Allowed to Hear About Hunter Biden – LN Radio Videocast

The elite media is finally reporting Hunter Biden’s shady dealings, under FBI investigation since 2018 … now that his father has been reported to win the presidency. We delve into the story, the fact that almost half of Biden voters in the critical battleground states did not know about it, and we tell you what would have happened if they did. We dive deep into race-baiting in the Georgia Senate Race that will decide which party controls the upper chamber, and we’ll be joined by two of the finest writers from Managing Editor Mark Angelides speaks to the unprecedented betrayal of personal freedom in 2020, and how much of that freedom we’re likely to get back, or lose forever. And Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza joins us for talkin’ liberty – featuring virtual school suspensions, Congress stepping out on weed, and the move to break up Facebook.

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