‘Filmmaker’ calls for release of prisoners, defunding of police, ‘vetting’ of cops according to their ‘racism’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Always one for incredibly sensational comments, notions, and ideas, Michael Moore has now weighed in on the “systemic racism” myth and racism within the ranks of police officers everywhere. 

The way-leftist liberal filmmaker and personality was recently interviewing Black Entertainment Television’s (BET’s) Marc Lamont Hill on Moore’s podcast called “Rumble.”  Hill also serves as a professor of media studies and production at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Michael Moore: police should be vetted for racism
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During an exchange in the interview, Moore told Marc Lamont Hill that police officers should be screened for “racism” while supporting the “defund the police” campaign in a Monday-published episode of Moore’s podcast.  Moore did not say or indicate how this alleged racism in police officers should be identified.

Moore went on to explain his position:

“Had ‘defund the police’ not been shouted over and over and over again — it’s scared the shit out of all the people that should have been scared by it — and now we’re actually having a conversation about why do we have a police force that looks like the Soviet army?

Moore continued, adding that some of the money spent on police could be used for other purposes. He denied wanting to completely defund the police:

Of course, nobody wants to get rid of the police. We need police, but we don’t need the police trying to be a social worker, trying to be a psychiatrist, and police have not been vetted in terms of their racism and all the other things that we have to deal with.

I don’t want this issue to die, Marc. We have to stay on top of this. We have to force Biden and his people to stay on top of this. We will have such a better country.”

Moore also called for all “non-violent” prison inmates to be released:

“We’ve got to really open up the prisons and let people out. I mean, okay, granted there are some people that need to be separated from the rest of us, okay, we all know their names.

We know who they are.”

Moore said he wanted to make a documentary where he would travel from prison to prison, knocking on doors and telling “them” to let everybody go:

“They’ll look at me like I’m weird, but maybe the warden or somebody will send a PR person out first and we’ll have a discussion or we’ll start a negotiation because I’m not leaving.

“I’m not leaving until you let the people out of this prison, and then if you want, you can start with non-violent ones, okay?”

Moore said he would only want to release prisoners who were not violent. He defines violence as “anybody in there who did not harm another human being.

Moore continued:

“Let anybody in there out who was put in there because of drug possession. Let them all out, and I’ve got more busses coming if you need more room here.

This is just a movie idea I had.”

Michael Moore characterized prisons as a part of a racial system of discrimination intended to remove “voting rights” from black Americans.  He ranted on:

“It’s not a matter of so much what you did, but it’s what the society has set up, because basically, society wanted you removed, wanted you there, wanted the separation, wanted to take away your voting rights (sic).”

Michael Moore, of course, is no stranger to controversial ideas and productions that grab the attention of liberals and the ire of conservatives.

He wrote, filmed, and produced the movie, “Trumpland,” a 2016 production that was pro-Hillary Clinton and anti-Trump, and consisted of Moore doing stand-up comedy routines in Trump stronghold areas.

Despite a large budget spent from Michael Moore’s own money, the movie only grossed $149,000 worldwide – about ten percent of the original budget.

Moore also produced Fahrenheit 9/11, a movie designed to indicate that the 9/11 tragedies were actually “false flag” events and then-President George W. Bush conspired to pull off the whole debacle; from the World Trade towers, to the Pentagon, and to one plane crashing in Schwenksville, PA.

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Michael Moore wishes unrest plays out like movie where ‘heroes swoop in and kill the murderous cops’

August 30, 2020

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

Another day, another celebrity sharing some anti-law enforcement rhetoric online. In the latest episode of millionaires appeasing the violent mob, we have Michael Moore posing the idea of if modern times were a movie than a hero would kill “murderous cops” and then “rain fire down on Police HQ”.

In the ridiculous tweet shared by Moore, he suggested the following:

“If this were a movie, heroes would swoop in & kill the murderous cops. The audience would cheer. Loud!

Then the superhero would rain fire down on Police HQ & the audience would stand & applaud! White, Black, Brown- the entire audience would scream YES! Thank God it’s just a movie.”

The tweet, shared on August 24th, is obviously in reference to the officers involved in recent fatal police interactions.

While Moore didn’t specifically name who these “murderous cops” were in this fictional movie hypothesis, one could be creative and draw some conclusions.

It is clear that there is a wide range of emotions and positions on some of the fatal police interactions over the past few months, so seeing one of this nature come from Moore isn’t surprising.

But perhaps the most troubling aspect from this notion by Moore isn’t just the idea of a “hero” killing “murderous cops” – it’s the excitement he alleges that would arise from viewers seeing this “hero…rain fire down on Police HQ”.

That lends more fire to the ridiculous sentiment that has caused all the riots that we’ve seen lately, specifically the ‘if one’s bad, they’re all bad’ notion. That’s an extremely dangerous narrative to inject approval toward in light of recent events.

This isn’t a movie, this is real life. And we’ve already seen the types of “heroes” that Moore seems to cheer on literally setting fire to police precincts, assaulting officers, destroying businesses and other forms of riotous anarchy in recent months.

Not only that – we have literal instances of police officers getting murdered in recent times, like the two officers killed in McAllen, Texas in July who were simply responding to a domestic disturbance call.

There were also three police officers shot in Prince George County, Maryland when responding to a robbery call in August. Those officers in that case were cited as being ambushed by the suspects.

If that were enough chaos and violence directed toward police officers in recent times, a singular riot that happened in July in Seattle, Washington resulted in 59 police officers being injured and one being hospitalized.

And that was just one of the many riots in that city and across the entire country over the past few months.

But for some reason, Moore is cheering on the idea of current events playing out like some kind of movie plot where all the police officers are the bad guys and need to be killed.

I don’t think Moore realizes that while not all police officers are bad people – there is certainly a lot of them getting hurt and killed during these very times.

Just by gunfire alone, at least 10 police officers have been killed in the line of duty since the death of George Floyd.

These weren’t accidental discharges, or some motorist accidentally striking an officer standing on the roadside – these were all cold-blooded murders.

Another aspect to note, it’s not like there’s any shortage of actual movies available that portray police officers in a negative – or even murderous light.

Throughout the 1980s we were…treated…to three installments into the Maniac Cop horror/thriller movie franchise. There were also films like Copkiller and Bad Lieutenant, which ironically both starred Harvey Keitel.

But this bad take one current events by Moore just isn’t surprising, as mentioned earlier. This is coming from the same person who praised seeing the burning of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis in late-May. Moore even went so far as to refer to the arsonists as “good citizens”:

“Good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in MN after all police were out & safe. All police should go home. No violence please.

Police HQ must be demolished by the city tomorrow as a show of contrition to black America. Rebuild PD with decent kind [people] aka [people] of color.”

Rhetoric of this kind coming from people like Moore is the exact opposite of what this country needs at the moment. These aren’t calls to restore order or peace – these are romanticizing ideas of continued anarchy, violence and demonization of police.

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