SHOW NOTES: More States Join SCOTUS Case!

Steven tells you all you need to know about the latest SCOTUS challenge to the election. SPOILER: This isn’t over yet! Also, do you think it’s strange that a Chinese sex spy infiltrating American politics isn’t front page news?

WAR: More States Join SCOTUS Case! | Good Morning #MugClub


  • The “Safe Harbor Deadline” does not mean the end.
  • Rudy Giuliani released this statement: “The ‘Safe Harbor Deadline’ is a statutory timeline that generally denotes the last day for states to certify election results. However, it is not unprecedented for election contests to last well beyond December 8…The only fixed day in the U.S. Constitution is the inauguration of the President on January 20 at noon.” SOURCE:
  • Texas filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Alleging they exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws. SOURCE: CBS Twitter
  • It has now been docketed and will be decided at the Supreme Court. SOURCE: SCOTUS
  • Texas was one of the states to refuse Dominion machines due to concerns with election security. SOURCE:


  • Axios published a bombshell report on how a Chinese spy named “Fang Fang” was infiltrated California political circles. SOURCE: Axios
  • At least two of Fang’s sexual interactions with elected officials, including a mayor, were caught on FBI surveillance, and one of the “most significant targets of Fang’s efforts was Rep. Eric Swalwell.
  • The Chinese have done this for a long time, according to their own claims. SOURCE: YouTube
  • Listen to California Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2013. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Fang Fang took part in fundraising activity for Swalwell’s re-election and helped place at least one intern in Swalwell’s office. She was, quote, “everywhere.” SOURCE: Twitter
  • Former Presidential Candidate Swalwell has refused to comment on the nature of his relationship with Fang Fang. Recall that Swalwell has tried to downplay China as a threat. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Now Pete Buttgig may be the ambassador to China. SOURCE: South China Morning Post


  • People think “McCarthyism” was a “Red Scare” and a witch hunt. Politifact says the claim John Brennan, former CIA Director, was a member of the communist party is “MOSTLY FALSE.”
    • Under a polygraph with the CIA he said: “We found Brennan has acknowledged voting for a communist presidential candidate in 1976. That does not mean he was a member of the Communist Party.” SOURCE: Politifact
    • He voted for Gus Hall, who wasn’t just a Democratic Socialist like Bernie. He was the actual chairman of the Communist Party USA. SOURCE: LATimes
  • The Hollywood 10 were all members of the US Communist Party. SOURCE: HWReporter
    • One of the most famous of the Hollywood 10, Dalton Trumbo, called Stalin “one of the democratic leaders of the world.” He also said “Whenever a book or play or film is produced which is harmful to the best interests of the working class, that work and its author should and must be attacked in the sharpest possible terms.” SOURCE: WashingtonExaminer
    • Bertol Brecht would’ve been part of the Hollywood 10, but he fled the country. SOURCE: Britannica
    • “Brecht left the United States in 1947 after having had to give evidence before the House Un-American Activities Committee.”

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