WERE US MARSHALS WATCHING? More Video of Suspicious Activity in Georgia Ballot Counting, Handoffs of USBs?

Shocking video footage has been released to the public of very suspicious behavior between numerous poll workers in a voter tabulation room, where people are counting ballots and acting very strangely, with clips of two women and a man that appears to be a handoff of something small, that comes from under the table of one woman and goes into the pocket of another woman.

The first real glimpse of the video the public got was Wednesday at a live hearing in front of a Georgia State House hearing. Within hours independent media has identified the names of the people who appeared to be taking ballots from underneath a table to counting machines for hours, after clearing the room of other ballot counters over a fake emergency.

I covered that story here:

Investigators online had determined the possible identity of a second of the women in the video as the first womanโ€™s daughter. They posted numerous other details from those two women on their social media, identifying them as poll workers and active Democrats.

In the following thread is a part of the online investigation into the identity and suspicious activities of the two women, who could have committed enough voter fraud to turn the entire state toward Joe Biden, when in fact, President Donald J. Trump may have won the state. We see here enough to a least cause a special sessiorgia to investigate; however, law enforcement has been reluctant to look into any of these claims.

Also the man in the video had been seen in other videos allegedly blocking concerned poll workers from videotaping that day.

And he is highlighted in reports by The Hill:

The camerasโ€™ position is interesting to me, almost as if someone, somewhere knew to be watching these areas. It could be that it is customary to record these places, and it could be that President Donald J. Trump warned people that they would be watched.

I had reported before the election that Trump did announce that US Marshalls would be watching the election.

This story is developingโ€ฆ

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