Biden Announces New COVID Scam: Only MASK UP for 100 Days

There needs to be an investigation into Joe Biden’s finances. See if he has a lot of money invested in cotton, or some kind of a fabric company. Because his answer to everything is “mask.” Our alleged president-elect is an interview away from introducing himself as the “46th Mask of the United Masks of Mask.” Whether it’s because of COVID or him just having a stroke, we’ll see what the future holds. His latest scheme is telling people its just fifteen days to flatten the curve.

Wait, I have my notes wrong. Biden said it’s just 100 days to wear a mask.

Biden urges Americans to mask up for his first 100 days

Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction.

This is the same man who says a quarter of a million people will die in December. Who will also shut down the economy again if a scientist or an expert tells him to.

I’m not even an anti-mask guy. But we’ve heard this story before. Only fifteen days to flatten the curve. That was nine months ago. We also have to hang in there until there is a vaccine. Only now they’re saying even with a vaccine, we may still never be back to normal. Everything we’re told to do, we do. Then we’re told that now we have to do a different thing.

Joe Biden may have market-tested “100 days to mask up” as a winning catchphrase. He should fire whoever did the testing. They have a fundamental misunderstanding of who the American people are.

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