SHOW NOTES: Arizona Election Fraud Testimony

Steven gives a recap of the most important allegations leveled in yesterday’s marathon hearing on Arizona voter fraud. He then highlights the Democrats’ flip-flop on election security since 2016. Lastly, he reviews some of the latest news on COVID, including the retracted Johns Hopkins article.

SCAM: Arizona Election Fraud Testimony | Good Morning #MugClub


  • In Arizona, Joe Biden leads by less than 11,000 votes. SOURCE: WaPo
  • Yesterday, President Trump’s legal team took part in a hearing with the Arizona State Legislature. SOURCE: YouTube
    • 2,000 votes used vacant lots and false address and 6,000 voters were on the rolls with no sex and generic date of birth.
    • The 143,100 votes dumped at 8:00 pm surpasses machine batch processing. An estimated 35,000 votes were automatically embedded into the vote totals for every Democrat candidate running.
    • 1.9milion mail-in votes were not validated by verifying the signatures.
    • The “Safest Election” claim was debunked. The machines were connected to the internet and were vulnerable.


  • Joe Biden announced that his pick for budget chief was Neera Tanden, the president of Center for American Progress. She immediately began deleting her old tweets about Russia hacking the 2016 election. SOURCES: Tweets, WaPo
  • Now the leftist media like Brian Stelter claim that even suggesting voting machines could be compromised is a conspiracy theory. SOURCE: Twitter
  • But CNN ran specials on the vulnerability of US voting machines in 2016. SOURCE: CNN
  • MSNBC reported on Dominion voting systems’ vulnerabilities in 2018. SOURCE: MSNBC
  • CSPAN in 2018 reported on how it was a problem that Dominion and other systems controlled the vote in the U.S. SOURCE: CSPAN
  • Rachel Maddow emphasized how worrisome it was that Russia could have launched a cyberattack on our elections systems. SOURCES: YouTube, YouTube
  • In 2019 Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Ron Wyden issued a FORMAL complaint about Dominion referencing allegations of vote switching and other undisclosed vulnerabilities, writing, “These problems threaten the integrity of our elections.” SOURCE: Warren’s website.


  • U.S. billionaires have gained $1 trillion since the pandemic started. SOURCE: Statista
  • Illinois COVID deaths and cases are spiking under Democrat Governor J. B. Pritzker. SOURCE: WorldOfMeters
    • Contrast with the media coverage of Florida. In June, CNN bashed Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for not being more aggressive with lockdowns. SOURCE: CNN
    • But deaths have steadily been going down since the summer, despite Florida being the first state to open up. SOURCE: WorldofMeters
  • John Hopkins posted a study showing that “not only has COVID-19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it has also not increased the total number of deaths.” SOURCE: WaybackMachine
    • The study was then retracted after public outcry. SOURCE: RetractionWatch

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