James O’Keefe Has Eavesdropped on CNN Meetings and Just Broke the News to President Jeff Zucker

Give James O’Keefe his roses for this. When he rouses the rabble, he really rouses the rabble. It would appear O’Keefe has eavesdropped on CNN’s morning staff calls. For months. God knows how many hours of audio. Allegedly with high-level executives directing staffers how to cover stories. SPOILER: It’s (allegedly) how Democrats want them covered. The tapes drop tonight, so we’ll see. But Project Veritas rarely disappoints when it exposes the media for being who we say they are.

For now, here’s James breaking the news to CNN President Jeff Zucker. On one of the conference calls. That O’Keefe was listening in on.

I would love to be Jeff Zucker’s brain when he heard, “Hi, James O’Keefe here.” CNN is already hemorrhaging money, allegedly. Zucker is already reported to be on his way out. If these recordings have what I think they have, chances are Zucker will have a hard time finding another job. Who am I kidding? The way the media works, he’ll take over Fox News for more money.

The first video drops tonight at 7:00 Eastern. Pop all the popcorn. Stock up on beer. Do whatever you need to get yourself in the mood. I have a good feeling about this.

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Author: Brodigan